26 July 1969: George Mallaby (Homicide)

26 July 1975: Actor Jack Thompson

26 July 1980: Tony Alvarez, Jennifer Murphy, John O’May from the theatre production Evita

26 July 1997: Jo Beth Taylor (Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show, Hey Hey It’s Saturday)

26 July 2003: Madeleine West and Ryan Moloney (Neighbours)

26 July 2008: Nadine Garner and Damien Richardson (City Homicide)

26 July 1965: The official opening of Adelaide’s third commercial channel, SAS10. Later to become SAS7 in 1987 — Seven Adelaide turns 50 [2015], Adelaide’s Great TV Channel Swap [2017]

26 July 1995: In the debut of Correlli, Louisa Correlli (Deborra-Lee Furness) takes on the challenge of being a clinical psychologist at Blackstream Prison, counselling some of the most hardened criminals. The series introduced Furness (and viewers) to a young actor called Hugh Jackman. The pair were soon married in real life.

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