Archival news footage from as far back as the 1960s has been rescued from destruction amid a clean-out of the WIN studios in Mildura.

Being the region’s only local TV news service for over 50 years, the station archive contains unique news and commercial footage at risk of being lost forever. Much of the collection, comprising both 16mm film and various videotape formats, now resides with local historians, including Frames of History founder Ian MacWilliams, with a view to having it digitised for future preservation and access.

The former station premises, situation on Deakin Avenue and recently sold, housed WIN and its predecessor STV8, which launched as the region’s first commercial TV station in 1965. The station later became part of the Southern Cross network and was briefly owned by Alan Bond before being sold to VIC TV — now part of the WIN regional network.

WIN continued as Mildura’s only commercial TV station until Prime Television launched a local transmission in 1997.

WIN ceased local news operations in Mildura in 2015 with claims that it was no longer commercially viable.

Source: ABC



9 thoughts on “Historic WIN news footage saved

  1. This is great news! So now hopefully we’ll all be able to get a taste of some wonderful studio delights from the old STV8 (and hopefully much of the official opening show too) and reminisce those good old days from what was possibly the smallest television studio in Australia.

  2. Hello im looking for the footage of a news broadcast from tas tv or win tv at the time ,channel 6 hobart approximately 1983 of a birdman rally at Hobart’s wharfs if you could help , many thanks

  3. Hi, I am looking for some videos of an old show in the 80s called “Cookies Catch”
    Brian Cook was the host and he passed away quite a few years ago,
    It was filmed in the central Queensland location though most eps were in Rockhampton,
    I was in one of his episodes,
    I am trying to track down his videos, is there some link I can try or a websits as such that might have some archives etc,
    Thank you,

  4. I am looking for footage re the 2009 fires.
    My husband was part of a fire crew returning & the footage showed him wearily walking across the ground retuning from a shift.
    Could you please assist how I can access this?
    Thank you

  5. Hi, I’m looking for footage of a news broadcast of our home it was taken in the 70 s in Redcliffs of the Muslum religious Easter Jurban where we cut a sheep. There were a lot of crew, l would of been maybe 10 or 11 at the time, my father’s name was Orhan Akkas we were at block 90 Stewart Rd. If l could find it ,it would be amazing as both my parents are now deceased. Thank you.

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