Ian Henderson signs off… eventually!

ABC Melbourne newsreader Ian Henderson was intended to present his last bulletin on Thursday night.

However, an attack of the gremlins came at the most inopportune moment. Just minutes into the 7.00pm bulletin, vision froze before ABC was forced to abruptly switch Victorian viewers to the Sydney-based bulletin read by Juanita Phillips with no acknowledgement given to viewers of what was going on.

YouTube: BradF89

Whatever the matter was, it couldn’t be resolved in time for Henderson to give a farewell after 26 years at the ABC news desk, leaving Victorian viewers to receive the rest of the Sydney news, sport and weather reports before handing over to 7.30.

It was an extraordinary technical stuff up, leaving executive editor Craig McMurtrie copping a grilling from ABC radio host Jon Faine the next morning. “All I can do is say I am embarrassed by what happened, and I apologise to all of our 7:00pm viewers, because it is certainly not what we wanted last night,” he told Faine and listeners.

So on Friday night, Henderson was back and given a second chance to read one final news bulletin and receive a dignified send off with a package of highlights from a 38 year career with ABC before giving a fond farewell to viewers. (The ABC video below shows Henderson speaking towards the wrong camera at the end of the bulletin. This is different to what actually went to air)

YouTube: ABC News (Australia)

Tamara Oudyn will replace Henderson on Sunday to Thursday nights, with Mary Gearin taking on Friday and Saturday nights.

Source: ABC


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    • Caroline B. on 14 October 2018 at 10:15 AM
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    Again, best wishes to Ian Henderson and our screens will surely miss his news bulletins – the second newsreader to leave television this year – the other in Tasmania. Enjoy your retirement Ian and now is your turn to see the bulletins from the other side of the camera.

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