SBS has announced its initial program listing for its revamped digital channel SBS2.

The new-look channel launches on Monday 1 April with an emphasis on the 16-39 age group.

SBS2 will continue to broadcast its various foreign-language news bulletins during the daytime (5.00am to 6.00pm), with the revamped program schedule starting each evening at 6.00pm.

The program line-up includes new UK comedies Threesome (starring Emun Elliott and Stephen Wight, both currently being seen in the British series The Paradise on ABC1), Him & Her and Russell Howard’s Good News.

Other UK programs include The Antics Roadshow, Indie Sex, Autopsy: Life And Death and Graffiti Wars.

There are repeat screenings of SBS comedies Swift & Shift Couriers and The Arecibo Message — plus a Chinese dating show, If You Are the One, a program that boasts an audience of 50 million Chinese, based on the short-lived Australian dating show Taken Out.

There is a steady stream of Japanese programs with Unbeatable Banzuke, Ninja Warrior and the popular Iron Chef.

Also in the schedule are comedies Benidorm Bastards (Belgium) and Bullet In The Face (Canada), documentary series Don’t Tell My Mother (from France, in English) and South Korean erotic drama The Tales Of Nights

Saturday nights include SBS’ own music program PopAsia and short film collection Shorts On Screen.

US titles include Community, Mythbusters, The Dudesons In America, Frisky Dingo, Aqua Teen Task Force, MXC, Exit Through The Giftshop and Black Cab Sessions USA.  

Monday 1: 6pm Unbeatable Banzuke (Japan), 6.30 Ninja Warrior (Japan), 7pm Community (US), 7.30pm The Antics Roadshow (UK), 8.30 Benidorm Bastards (Belgium), 9pm The Dudesons in America (US), 9.30/10pm Bullet in the Face (Canada), 10.25 Russell Howard’s Good News (UK), 11pm Swift & Shift Couriers, 11.30 Frisky Dingo (US), 11.50 Aqua Teen Hunger Force (US), 12.10am Weatherwatch Overnight.

Tuesday 2: 6pm Unbeatable Banzuke (Japan), 6.30 Ninja Warrior (Japan), 7pm Community (US), 7.30 Mythbusters (US), 8.30 Don’t Tell My Mother (France), 9.30 Warrior Road Trip (US), 10.25 Russell Howard’s Good News (UK), 11pm Autopsy: Life and Death (UK), 12am Weatherwatch Overnight.

Wednesday 3: 6pm Unbeatable Banzuke (Japan), 6.30 Ninja Warrior (Japan), 7pm Community (US), 7.30 Mythbusters (US), 8.30 UEFA Champions League, 10pm The Arecibo Message, 10.30 Russell Howard’s Good News (UK), 11.05 The Tales Of Nights (South Korea), 12am Weatherwatch Overnight

Thursday 4:  6pm Unbeatable Banzuke (Japan), 6.30 Ninja Warrior (Japan), 7pm Community (US), 7.30 UEFA Champions League Hour, 8.30 Threesome (UK), 9pm Him & Her (UK), 9.30 Graffiti Wars (UK), 10.25 Russell Howard’s Good News (UK), 11pm (TBA), 12am Weatherwatch Overnight

Friday 5:  6pm Unbeatable Banzuke (Japan), 6.30 Ninja Warrior (Japan), 7pm Community (US), 7.30 UEFA Europa League Highlights, 8.30 If You Are the One (China), 9.30 Indie Sex (UK), 10.45 Russell Howard’s Good News (UK), 11.20/11.50 Bullet in the Face (rpt)(Canada), 12.20am Weatherwatch Overnight

Saturday 6: 6pm PopAsia, 7.10 Black Cab Sessions USA (US), 7.40 Iron Chef (Japan), 8.30 MXC (US), 9pm Shorts On Screen, 9.35 Exit Through The Giftshop (US), 11.10 Threesome (rpt)(UK), 11.40 Him & Her (rpt)(UK), 12.15am PopAsia (rpt), 1.25 Weatherwatch Overnight.

Sunday 7:  2pm Movie: Look For a Star (2009, Hong Kong), 4pm PopAsia, 6pm Cycling Central, 6.35 Kung Fu Changed My Life (US), 7.30 G*Wars (Japan), 8.30 MXC (US), 9pm Movie: The French Kissers (2009, France), 10.40 Movie: Noi The Albino (2003, Iceland), 12.20am PopAsia (rpt), 2.20 Weatherwatch Overnight.

SBS’ online viewing portal SBS On Demand will feature the full series of Bullet in the Face, Don’t Tell My Mother and The Tales of Nights once their respective first episodes have gone to air AEDST.

SBS2 is also set to launch its own news and current affairs program in May.

SBS2 is broadcast on digital channel 32.

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