ilonakomesaroff In the late 1970s and early 1980s Ilona Komesaroff (pictured) was the face of the weeknight weather report on the then top-rating Seven National News at Melbourne’s HSV7

After almost a decade presenting weather forecasts the former model with the exotic name – in an era before the days of multiculturalism on mainstream TV she was often referred to on screen and in TV listings only as ‘Ilona’ – moved into reading the news at the channel but then virtually disappeared from our screens without a trace.  One of her last TV appearances was presenting an educational segment on schools program TV Ed on SBS.

But in an interview published yesterday in The Age, Komesaroff had moved on from the bright lights of television in the 1980s to make a fortune by inventing “moving sand” pictures – sands that move between glass to create colourful patterns and landscape-type images – with consultation from the CSIRO.  It was an invention that sparked a number of imitators, some of which she sued for copying her patented idea.

She then became an editor and photographer for Australian Hair and Beauty Magazine, published by her husband Russell Smith.  Her photographic experience then led to her starting her own business venture, Melbourne Photo Repair, specialising in restoration and altering of photographs.

The full article by Lawrence Money can be found at The Age website, and following is a video featuring a Seven National News update with Komesaroff:

YouTube: tramman82mk2

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