win_2008 The regional South Australian branch of WIN Television has been assigned additional broadcast capacity to enable it to provide local viewers with the commercial networks’ multi-channels after the switch-off of analogue transmissions.

WIN currently has a commercial monopoly in the Mount Gambier and Riverland markets – currently providing local signals of the Seven, Nine and Ten networks.  But because WIN only has a single digital frequency to broadcast these three channels, it does not have capacity to consider high-definition or additional standard-definition channels such as 7TWO, GO!, GEM, 7mate or One.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has announced that WIN will receive additional broadcast frequencies in Mount Gambier and Riverland to enable the local broadcast of digital-only channels.  The new frequencies will become available only after the local analogue switch-off which is scheduled for next Wednesday.

The broadcaster will also be the recipient of government assistance as part of a $34 million package offered to broadcasters in smaller regional markets by the Federal Government to assist with the digital transition.

freeview_channels WIN has to now decide which of the multi-channels it will choose to broadcast to the local market, and the timetable for rolling out those channels. 

The new broadcast capacity being assigned to WIN follows a similar allocation by ACMA to Southern Cross Media, covering the markets of Spencer Gulf and Broken Hill (NSW).

Source: ACMA

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