johnwood_catwalk NEW FLASHBACK #54:
The behind-the-scenes workings of a fashion magazine formed the basis of the Seven Network’s 1972 drama Catwalk, a 13-part spin-off of the former ABC series Dynasty.  Heading the cast was British actor John Forgeham as the magazine’s fiery-tempered editor.  The cast line-up also included John Wood (pictured), Cecily Polson, Cornelia Frances and June Salter – the latter best known for her comic performances but in Catwalk takes on the role of a bitchy journalist and editor’s assistant.  Picture: TV Week, 19 February 1972

1989 (Family Double Dare debuts)
1989 (SBS screens the five-hour film epic, The Mahabharata)
1999 (Final Hey Hey It’s Saturday)

1961 (Official Opening GLV10 Gippsland)

TEN10_Roots Sydney:
1977 (US mini-series Roots debuts)

1983 (Network 0-28 extends to Canberra)

1968 (Motel debuts in Brisbane)


1960 (Official Opening TVT6 Hobart)
1962 (Official Opening TNT9 Launceston)


1 thought on “TelevisionAU Update 10-May-10

  1. …hmm, IIRC, SBS once screened an eight-hour epic on the Holocaust. I remember seeing David Stratton introducing it in a clip from the 20th anniversary special – haven't actually seen the film in question. One epic film I do recall seeing (or, at least parts of it) on SBS, however, was in 1993, when they screened Edgar Reitz's 26-hour behemoth “Die Zweite Heimat” (The Second Homeland). Thankfully, they screened it as a twelve-part mini-series (two hours each episode), although the fair citizens of Munich who attended the premiere in 1992 weren't so lucky – they had to sit through the whole thing in one sitting!

    I mean, the reason *why* Marg Downey's infamous continuity announcer character from “Fast Forward” with her monotone introductions to twelve-hour epics from Turkmenistan about local cheese-rolling festivals and the like is so uproariously funny is that it's grounded in reality – at least, the reality of the SBS that once was (kids these days totally wouldn't get her character since today's SBS is barely recognisable compared to twenty years ago).

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