Not content with just sharing YouTube clips from other members, we’ve now taken the next step ourselves and launched our own YouTube channel.

Thanks to the wonders of cheap DVD recorders, we can now bring you some select moments of TV’s past – hopefully some of which are new to YouTube.

The first YouTube video comes from the 20th anniversary program of multicultural broadcaster SBS. 20/20 Vision aired on Sunday 10 December 2000, curiously about six weeks after the station actually had its 20th birthday. The program goes for around 90 minutes but to start us off here is a very brief glimpse at SBS’ first test transmission which went to air in April 1979, and also some background from the station’s first Chief Executive Bruce Gyngell, as well as Peter Barnett, who was involved in the initial stages of SBS, and former 60 Minutes producer Gerald Stone who later served on the board at SBS.

Also, this being our first video posted to YouTube, any comments or feedback are welcome. The quality of the video is fairly basic but hopefully subsequent additions will be improved.

3 thoughts on “YouTube: We’ve been YouTube’d!

  1. SBS isn't the same these days. It was the things like getting rid of Robbie McGregor & Mary Kostakidis.

    Even things like the replacing the PM5544 with the Weather Map.

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