Philip Brady’s big 5-0

pbrady_60s There aren’t many people in Australia that can claim to have had fifty years in the radio and television spotlight. Bert Newton and John Laws are two that have made that milestone, but this weekend another one joins the ranks when Philip Brady (pictured) celebrates fifty years in radio and television, having started his first shift as a booth announcer at GTV9 in Melbourne on 6 April 1958.

Starting at GTV9 on a two-week trial, Philip continued at GTV9 for thirteen years as an announcer, a regular on In Melbourne Tonight, and presenting a daytime show on radio station 3AK after the station was bought by GTV9 in the early-’60s. He also hosted GTV9’s early-’60s game show Concentration. Philip was then again at 3AK as one of the line-up of ‘Good Guys’ when the station adopted a Top 40 music format in the late ’60s, and also hosted GTV9’s afternoon panel game show Everybody’s Talking.

pbrady_mmakers Following a break after the demise of In Melbourne Tonight, Philip returned to radio, presenting a weekend program on 3AW, and returned to TV as host of The Money Makers (pictured) for the 0-10 Network. The game show, produced by Reg Grundy at the studios of TVQ0 Brisbane, was Australia’s first five-nights-a-week game show when it debuted in September 1971, offering a top prize of $25,000.

As well as hosting The Money Makers and Junior Money Makers, Philip also hosted Password, another game show for the 0-10 Network, and then in 1976 took over as host of another TVQ0 production, Casino 10. Philip also continued to make appearances on GTV9’s The Graham Kennedy Show and The Ernie Sigley Show.

A return to radio followed with a stint at 3AK, the station by then famous for ‘beautiful music’, and then as producer for Bert Newton’s morning show on 3UZ. His next move was to the Gold Coast, with a daytime program on local radio station Easy Listening 97, while at the same time writing a weekly column for Melbourne-based showbiz paper TV Scene.

pbrady_2000 In 1990, 3AW hired Philip and familiar Melbourne radio and TV identity Bruce Mansfield to co-host the Sunday night nostalgia program Remember When, and the pair were then appointed as ‘caretaker’ hosts of the weeknight Nightline program following the departure of long-time host Rev. Alex Kenworthy. Almost twenty years later, “Bruce and Phil” continue to dominate night-time radio in Melbourne on both Remember When and Nightline.

Philip continued to make guest appearances on TV in the ’90s with regular spots on Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton and guest appearances on ABC‘s Saturday night The Late Show and Seven‘s Tonight Live With Steve Vizard.

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  1. Awww Phil’s aged nicely 😉
    Don’t know about his sidekick Bruce tho !

    • Anonymous on 11 September 2009 at 10:50 PM
    • Reply

    Yeah! I doubt he will ever know how he helped me through a really rough time in my teeage years, just being the kind and special person that he is! “Dimples Brady” Is a very special person! Loved all the game shows too.

    • Anonymous on 29 July 2010 at 2:15 PM
    • Reply

    Phillip Brady has to be the biggest bore on radio.
    Does he have any vice`s at all?
    He is sooooooo perfect.
    Think that he has become a bit senile.

    1. Phil is actually a really nice guy. God bless him.

  2. Casino 10 was the best game show ever. How can we see it again? How can we even just see highlights? I would pay good money for a dvd of an episode or two of it. Chris Elliott

    • Toni on 25 September 2020 at 10:02 AM
    • Reply

    I was a contestant on The Money Makers which was filmed in Brisbane. I was living in Melbourne when I applied, hoping for a trip north to see my family in Brisbane. I was chosen but by that time I had already moved back to Brisbane. Had a lot of fun on the show and every one was lovely. I got through the rounds but was defeated by the reigning champion. I won some money and a wallet. Fond memories. 🙂

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