tvtimes_040378 Red-hot plan home and hosed:
ABC‘s Monday Conference host Bob Moore (that’s not him on the cover!)found the only way to tackle Moscow’s minus 18 degree temperatures was to wear pantyhose. Moore had embarked on a tour including Canada, USA, Russia, India and Hong Kong to investigate TV news and current affairs programs around the world. But for Moore the more pressing issue was finding the right size of pantyhose, when he admitted to having to resort to a brand called Chubby Chick!

A TV test for lovers:
A special to air on the 0-10 Network during the week will ask men and women how many points out of 100 they would give themselves or their partner. The Australian Sex, Love And Marriage Test would also ask such questions as ‘have you ever wished you had not married?’ and ‘if you found your teenage daughter had lost her virginity, what would your reaction be?’.

TV cameras go shopping for the housewife:
ABC announces plans to get out into suburbia for its new daytime show Lookout. The proposed 13-week series, to air at midday, will feature live broadcasts from shopping centres around Australia with segments aimed at the housewife audience covering topics such as health, cooking, gardening, consumer advice and fitness. Lookout is preparing for a May launch from Sydney’s Roselands shopping centre, and is to be hosted by ABC rural affairs reporter Paul Williams.

Julie for Jokes:
Former Naked Vicar Show cast member Julie McGregor is returning to TV to feature in a new six-part sketch comedy series Jokes. The new series, to be produced in Sydney for ABC, is also to feature Noni Hazelhurst, Terry Bader and Chris Heywood.

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor:
“I am thankful that my TV set is able to receive Sydney channels now our one and only Newcastle commercial channel, NBN3, has dropped A Current Affair and substituted Willesee At Seven. I found A Current Affair to be much more interesting and more to my taste.” T. Grant, NSW.

“We need a further serial continuing the life of Bellbird. I don’t know how I’m going to get through 1978 without it. It was the highlight of my day, the best program TV has ever produced.” L. Strehling, QLD.

“Recent letters have bemoaned the poor treatment that science-fiction fans receive from TV stations. But little is mentioned of the plight of the horror devotee. On those rare occasions when the channels screen good horror, one is always apprehensive that crucial scenes may have been censored.” M. Newton, NSW.

What’s On (March 4-10):
The Moomba festival is on in Melbourne, and ATV0 gets in on the fun with live telecasts of the 1978 Birdman Rally and Bathtub Regatta events on Sunday afternoon.

Women’s magazine icon Margaret Fulton presents a five-minute prime-time series on ABC, Recipes From The Duchess Of Duke Street, based on recipes from the British drama series screening on Sunday nights.

The sketch comedy series The Naked Vicar Show and the premiere movie The Cars That Ate Paris dominate HSV7‘s Wednesday night.

Night football makes an appearance with the Friday night AMCO Herald Cup, live from VFL Park, on HSV7, while ABC presents the final episode of the Australian mini-series Loss Of Innocence.

Sunday night’s premiere movies are Snowbeast (HSV7), Having Babies (GTV9) and Pocket Money (ATV0), while I Claudius continues on ABC.

Cover: Shaun Cassidy
Source: TV Times (Melbourne edition), 4-10 March 1978, ABC/ACP

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