Today saw the launch of the new-look Nine Network with its iconic balls (or discs as they now appear to be) re-instated. The new logo has also extended across all areas of network presentation and also marked a minor redesign of its news portfolio. The logo made a quiet debut just after midnight this morning, although some station promotions featuring the new imagery had filtered through the day before.

The logo made a proper ‘debut’ in time for Today at 6.00am, and just prior to tonight’s National Nine News at 6.00pm was the station’s one-minute all-star promotion telling us “We ♥ TV”.

The new-look to Nine signals the network’s aggressive push to get back to #1 in the ratings, after Seven won last year’s battle.

Curiously, however, is that the balls, dots, or whatever you want to call them, has not been embraced across the whole country. In particular, Nine’s largest regional affiliate WIN has opted not to ‘dot’ its logo – and has even enacted the same policy to its capital city stations NWS9 Adelaide and STW9 Perth – but still using a lot of the ‘dot’-themed presentation that Nine has fed to them, hence failing to give WIN any clear separate identification from the Nine Network. The logo scenario for the WIN stations may be a sign that not all has been forgiven by WIN boss Bruce Gordon after last year’s very public spat with Nine over affiliation fees.

Nine’s northern NSW regional partner NBN has adopted the dotted logo – not surprising given that NBN is now owned by Nine’s parent company PBL Media.

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