No news is good news for Thiele

TVQ10 Brisbane newsreader Marie-Louise Thiele has announced she is leaving Ten News after 17 years so she can spend more time with her family. A former print journalist, the mother of three is signing-off from the Brisbane bulletin for the last time in December.

Ms Thiele began reading the 6.00pm Ten Eyewitness News bulletin for TVQ10 in 1991 at a time when Network Ten was recovering from a financial fall-out. Thiele followed the bulletin as it returned to its former one-hour format, and then moved to the 5.00pm timeslot the following year.

In 1994, Thiele relocated to Melbourne to replace Jo Pearson at the Melbourne ATV10 newsdesk alongside David Johnston (pictured above). Two years later she returned to Ten News in Brisbane.

Despite reading the news for seventeen years – Ms Thiele will unfortunately be remembered mostly for one incident where she was caught on-air after the end of a commercial break – having a conversation with colleague Geoff Mullins – and referring to her husband as “this arsehole I’m married to”, though Thiele now says the incident was barely a “blip on the radar”.

A replacement for Ms Thiele has yet to be announced.

Source: The Australian

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    quite some blip …..

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