Some sad news this weekend with the passing of TV writer Robert Fidgeon after a battle with cancer. He was 65.

Joining the Herald and Weekly Times (HWT) group in the 1960s, Fidgeon became a well known cartoonist and was famous for his weekly caricatures of TV personalities published in the now-defunct TV Scene newspaper.

After the demise of TV Scene in the late 1980s, he later returned to the HWT stable to head the art department but also found himself fulfilling an ambition to write about television for the Herald Sun. He later became the editor of the Herald Sun’s weekly television guide.

Fidgeon was well respected by industry identities, both on- and off-air, even the ones who he may have savaged in his newspaper column.

One of Robert Fidgeon’s cartoons, featuring Channel Ten newsreaders David Johnston and Jo Pearson, that appeared in TV Scene in 1987.

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