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Five of Australia’s most enduring personalities have been honoured with the latest release of Legends commemorative stamps from Australia Post.

This year’s theme is Legends of TV Entertainment and Denise Drysdale, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Ray Martin, Bert Newton and Daryl Somers now have postage stamps bearing their images — past and present — and also each receive a 24-carat gold replica of their stamp.

Between them the five span over 60 years of television and over a dozen Gold Logies. “Each of these multi-award winning television personalities have made unique contributions to the Australian entertainment industry and have played a role in forming our national popular culture,” Australia Post Managing Director and Group CEO Christine Holgate said. “They are consummate performers who have entertained, informed and entranced generations of Australians. Together they encompass an incredible range of remarkable talents including journalism, variety hosting, interviewing, singing, acting and comedy.”

The Australia Post Legends Award celebrates the lives of living Australians who have made a unique contribution, inspired the community and influenced the way Australians think about themselves and the community. Since Sir Donald Bradman was recognised as the first Legend in 1997, the series has celebrated people from various walks of life including sporting identities, performers, scientists, fashion designers, business people, philanthropists, authors, indigenous leaders, chefs, equality advocates and Victoria Cross soldiers.

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2 thoughts on “Stamp of approval for TV legends

  1. Indeed all these Legends of our small screen here in Australia deserve this honour. I shall buy this stamp issue – may be valuable in future years. Sad that we don’t have such variety shows that these people starred in on our screens today. Even though they are no longer with us, other legends that stand out are Don Lane – {a wonderful memorial Service on U-tube}, Graham Kennedy,. Bobby Limb and Dawn Lake.
    Remember maestros like Geoff Harvey and Tommy Teco. Australia was blessed with great musical as well as acting talent in the ‘good old days’.
    Caroline B.

  2. It would be great if Bert and Pattie put together a ‘special; ‘ of the old variety shows like IMT and Don Lane. Even clips from Bobby Limb and Eric Jupp.We, of the sixties era, would love to relive memories of the days of early Australian Television in variety with maybe a few dramas thrown in – like The Sullivans, Matlock and Division Four. Bert had so much to do with these variety shows as did Philip Brady and Pete Smith and can tell many stories, I’m sure. of these exciting times.

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