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TVS has left the airwaves

Sydney’s community TV station TVS has ceased transmission after almost ten years on the air. Governments on both sides of politics have failed to adequately support the concept of community television, but the ultimate crippling blow came last year — when the then Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the sector it would need to vacate the airwaves by the …

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Community TV on air through 2016

The Australian Community Television Alliance has announced that four of its member stations — C31 Melbourne, 44 Adelaide, 31 Digital Brisbane and WTV Perth — have accepted an offer from the Government to have their broadcast licences extended until the end of 2016. The community TV sector was informed last year that its access to …

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Community TV offered broadcast extension

The community television sector has received an offer by the former Minister for Communications, now Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull to have its broadcast licences extended by a further 12 months. The sector, comprising channels in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, was told twelve months ago that it would have its broadcast licences revoked from 31 December 2015. In …

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And that was 2014

And so another year has come to an end. The biggest milestone for the year was the 50th anniversary of the launch of what is now Network Ten. We started our 50th anniversary tribute back in January followed by a look at the first test programs in May, and as the official birthday — 1 …

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Melbourne’s C31 turns 20

Melbourne and Geelong’s community TV station C31 turns 20 years old today (Monday). Channel 31, as it was then, was launched by the Melbourne Community Television Consortium (MCTC) on Thursday, 6 October 1994. Formed in 1991, the MCTC was a group of eight existing community television groups, some of which had already conducted low-powered test transmissions of their own. …

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Community TV ordered off the air

Earlier this month Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull pledged his government’s support for community broadcasting: “Committed as we are to Australia’s diversity, we are committed to community broadcasting,” Mr Turnbull told a gathering of politicians and representatives of the community broadcasting sector at a recent Morning Tea event at Parliament House. It seems Mr Turnbull has …

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Hunter TV denied access to broadcast

Hunter TV, an aspirant community broadcaster for the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, has been denied access to a broadcast frequency by the communications watchdog. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has denied the application citing the current re-stack of frequency allocations following the analogue shutdown plus “policy uncertainty”. ACMA clarified that its decision was …

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Community TV’s future in question

Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull is reported to be considering the future of community TV as the government ponders opportunities for the broadcast spectrum. The planning of broadcasting spectrum following the closure of analogue television allows for six channels — ABC, SBS and three commercial operators — including one unallocated frequency. Community TV broadcasters are currently operating on …

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Analogue TV… the final farewell

After almost 60 years of mostly reliable service, today marks the final switch off of analogue television in Australia. From around 9.00am (local time) today the Melbourne and Remote Central and Eastern Area markets will have their analogue signals switched off — marking the end of a 13-year transition from analogue to digital television across …

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Sydney switches off analogue

Today marks the end of analogue television transmissions in Sydney and the Central Coast region of New South Wales. The switch-off, scheduled for 9.00am, will affect local analogue transmissions of ABC1, Seven (ATN), Nine (TCN), Ten (TEN) and SBS One as well as Central Coast transmissions of Prime7 (NEN) and NBN. Southern Cross Ten (NRN) does …

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