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Obituary: James Elliott

In last Sunday’s TV Week Logie Awards’ tribute to those that have passed away, there was one name that was brought to our attention. Actor James Elliott, best known as “whingeing Pom” Alf Sutcliffe in 1970s drama Number 96, died in February from Lewy body dementia.  He was 82. Born in Scotland, Elliott came to …

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40 years since Number 96 was bombed!

Forty years ago today, the bomb went off at Number 96 — presenting one of the defining and most oft-remembered moments of Australian television drama. By 1975, after three years captivating audiences and astounding critics, Number 96‘s ratings were on the slide. Viewers had tuned away from the dramatic and comedic adventures of the residents of …

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1994: November 19-25

Talk To The Animals in Africa While filming for Talk To The Animals in Africa, reporter Steve Oemcke was convinced he was going to die when an elephant charged at him. He was using a video camera to tape the crew bravely filming the elephants at close range: “I was filming this elephant, then swinging …

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Number 96 movie’s 40th birthday bash

The Imperial Hotel in Sydney is next month celebrating the movie version of Number 96, forty years after its cinema release. (Update: Tickets now on sale through Ticketbooth) In an era still of black and white TV, the original cinema release of Number 96 in 1974 gave fans of the show their first chance to see the …

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Wednesday 17 June 1959 — SYDNEY

ABC presents the first Australian television adaptations of Shakespeare, with Hamlet broadcast on ABN2, Sydney, and Antony And Cleopatra on ABV2, Melbourne, at the same time. Hamlet is produced live from the ABN2 studios in Gore Hill, Sydney. Source: TV Times, 13 June 1959     ABN2 ATN7 TCN9 6AM 7AM 7.01am News, Weather 7.03 …

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Monday 20 March 1972 — BRISBANE

Number 96 makes its Brisbane debut on TVQ0. BTQ7’s The Big News expands to a one-hour format — claiming Australia’s first one-hour newscast. Source: Courier-Mail, 20 March 1972     ABQ2 BTQ7 QTQ9 TVQ0 6AM 7AM 8AM 8am Sesame Street 9AM 9am Play School 9.30 For Schools: Recognition Of Rock Structures, The Shape Of Things, Building …

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Tuesday 14 March 1972 — MELBOURNE

‘The night Australian television lost its virginity’ with the debut of groundbreaking soap opera Number 96 Source: TV Week, 11 March 1972   ABV2 HSV7 GTV9 ATV0 6AM 6.55am Kooky 7AM 7am Today 7am The Super Flying Fun Show 7am Early Birds 8AM 8am Sesame Street 8.30 Here’s Humphrey 8.30 Kindy 9AM 9am Close 9.50 …

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Number 96

On Monday 13 March 1972 the first episode screened of a new drama series that was to change the face of Australian TV.  On that night, Sydney’s TEN10 screened episode one of Number 96 (Melbourne’s ATV0 followed the next night, and other states later). Produced by Don Cash and Bill Harmon with script writer David …

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Number 96… in their own words

On Tuesday, 13 March at 8.30pm, it will be 40 years exactly since ‘Australian television lost its virginity’ with the premiere of what would become the mother of all soaps – Number 96.  It was a series that was unashamedly ‘adults only’ and would give a never-before-seen glimpse at life in suburban Sydney, based around …

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2011: We remember…

Geoff Raymond Sonia Humphrey Noel Stanaway James Elliott Bob Davis Bill Hunter Michele Fawdon Jon Blake Rex Mossop Godfrey Philipp Googie Withers Ray Taylor Reg Whiteman Paul Lockyer John Bean Gary Ticehurst Ian Carroll Sean Flannery Harold Hopkins David Fordham David Jull                   2010: We remember… 2009: …

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