20 March 1971: Normie Rowe and Sue Powlesland

20 March 1976: Norman Gunston (Garry McDonald, The Norman Gunston Show)

20 March 1976: John Paul Young

20 March 1982: Bert Newton (New Faces, The Don Lane Show)

20 March 1982: Penny Cook (A Country Practice)

20 March 1993: Ray Martin (Midday), Daryl Somers (Hey Hey It’s Saturday), Georgie Parker (A Country Practice, Acropolis Now), Bruce Samazan (E Street)

20 March 1999: Kristy Wright and Michael Piccirilli (Home And Away)

20 March 2004: Christie Hayes (Home And Away)

20 March 2010: Todd Lasance and Esther Anderson (Home And Away)

20 March 1970: Bert Newton hosts the TV Week Logie Awards, telecast live from the Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne. Overseas guests include British actor Peter Wyngarde and American actors Peter Graves and Robert Young. Barry Crocker (Barry Crocker’s The Sound Of Music) and Maggie Tabberer (Maggie) won the Gold Logies for Most Popular Male and Female Personality, and a special Gold Logie was awarded to the Apollo 11 team for “providing TV’s greatest moment” with the moon landing — TV Week Logie Awards — 50 years ago [2020]

20 March 1972: Brisbane BTQ7’s The Big News expands to a one-hour format — with the station claiming it to be Australia’s first one-hour newscast.

20 March 1978: Melbourne’s ATV0 expands its News At Six to become a one-hour bulletin. Newsreader is Bruce Mansfield, with sports presenters Clem Dimsey and Rob Astbury and football reports by Ron Barassi.

20 March 1989: The Seven Network launches its new early afternoon line-up — The Bert Newton Show and soapie The Power, The PassionSeven’s battle for high noon [2019]

20 March 1993: The AFL pre-season Foster’s Cup comes to a close with the Grand Final on Seven, and SBS has live coverage of the Grand Final of the World Youth Championships for the FIFA/Coca-Cola Cup. The World Youth Championships Grand Final is also replayed on ABC later in the evening.

YouTube: spikeyroberto

20 March 1995: The two-hour special Neighbours 10th Anniversary (Ten) celebrates Australia’s most successful drama series, featuring original cast members Anne Haddy and Stefan Dennis and fellow castmates including Anne Charleston and Melissa Bell.

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