Nine Perth and Adelaide get their dots back

9_logo_2009_2For the first time in over two years, the Nine Network now has a uniform logo (pictured, right) across the five major capital cities.

When Nine re-instated its famous ‘dots’ to its logo in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin in 2008, the Perth and Adelaide stations, owned by regional broadcaster WIN, opted to stay with the former logo – no dots (pictured, below left).

This arrangement, also affecting WIN’s regional Nine Network affiliates covering NSW, ACT, Victoria, Queensland,  Tasmania and Western Australia, had meant that the WIN-owned stations had to adapt any marketing material from the Nine Network to suit their own branding – no doubt a time intensive exercise for no discernable benefit to the viewer.

Local viewers also had to endure sometimes unattractive and intrusive on-screen logos, sometimes very crudely, covering up the Nine logo from the east coast.

But even though Nine has its dots back on STW9 Perth and NWS9 Adelaide, the regional WIN network (pictured, below right) has not made any change so far.


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