tvs Sydney community TV channel TVS has campaigned the Prime Minister for access to the digital television platform.

The DVD campaign, fronted by TVS presenter Joy Hruby and fans of her long-running program Joy’s World, makes the plea: “We just want TVS to be given the same opportunity as the others.  All the other channels have been given digital spectrum except ours.”

TVS chief Laurie Patton said that despite the Government’s campaign strategy to move viewers across to digital TV, “Community Television remains marooned on analogue.”

“Every time another household does as the Government asks and buys a new digital TV or a digital set top box they potentially lose the ability to watch their Community channel,”

“Community TV programming is targeted at audience groups that are under-served by the other free-to-air channels.  The sector provides access for special interest groups, multicultural communities and social networks that are not well catered for by the mainstream media.”

The plea to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd comes after Melbourne’s C31 asked the PM for a ‘fair go’ in allowing the community broadcasters equal access to digital television spectrum as its commercial and national counterparts.

Source: TVS

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