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YTT two-some back on the stage

Green Lurex one-pieces with bell-bottoms, shirts with long fringes and hours on the beach in the blistering sun – some of the less-favourable things that Philip Gould and Debra Byrne (pictured) recalled from their days in the popular Young Talent Time, in an article that featured in yesterday’s Herald Sun newspaper. But despite the glaring …

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1978: July 8-14

Cover: John Travolta ‘Clean-up’ TV rebel on the warpathMary Whitehouse, the English self-styled guardian of all public morality, is about to embark on a four-week tour of Australia and New Zealand to point out the dangers that TV poses to civilisation. Some of the shows on Ms Whitehouse’s radar include Are You Being Served? with …

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’80s soap icon back for another run

Sons And Daughters, the ’80s soap opera that made sepia tones fashionable with its signature closing sequence, is coming back for another airing on the Seven Network. Starting midnight this Wednesday night – or if you like, very early Thursday morning – Seven is trotting out another repeat screening of the long-running saga that originally …

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