1978: May 6-12

tvtimes_060578 Cover story: Their real restless years
TV Times
spoke to some of the cast of the 0-10 Network soap The Restless Years to find out what their real-life restless years were like: Julieanne Newbould was a child performer, making her TV debut at the age of 12 on a TEN10 talent show and had also appeared in minor roles in a number of TV dramas. Nick Hedstrom helped compile the school magazine and also produced a play, prompting him to decide his future career in acting. Jon “Sonny” Blake (pictured) recalls the frustration in sonnyblaketrying to find a job after finishing school, eventually getting a job at a cinema as an usher before scoring his big break as Alan Archer in The Restless Years. (On TV Times’ cover: Julieanne Newbould, Nick Hedstrom, Deborah Coulls)

Bernard’s golden chance when show goes to pot
Within 24 hours of the axe falling on the 0-10 Network talent show Pot Of Gold, panelist judge Bernard King had received three separate offers for new shows including a gardening show, a variety series and a Beauty And The Beast styled panel show. After 650 episodes over three years, the final episode of Pot Of Gold is to air on the 0-10 Network in early June.

Sigley moves into the Penthouse…
After a health scare earlier in the year, Ernie Sigley is back on screens as co-host of HSV7‘s Penthouse ’78 – with the program now being relayed live to Tasmania’s two commercial TV channels. Sigley will also host his own local variety show over in Adelaide for NWS9.


…and Mary gets a surprise
Sigley’s opening night on Penthouse ’78 suddenly switched direction when he introduced surprise “barrel girl” Roger Climpson, who told co-host Mary Hardy: “This Is Your Life“. The special tribute program was then recorded after 12.30am, and the party that followed continued well into the morning. (Pictured above: Ernie Sigley, Roger Climpson, Mary Hardy)

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor
Marcia Hines, Australia’s First Lady of Song? Oh, ABC, how could you? Whatever happened to music – and poor Joan Sutherland? What an insult to singers!” (name and address supplied)

“Well if Cop Shop and Glenview High aren’t the most retrograde step in Australian TV, I don’t know what is. Usually I enjoy Australian TV, but Cop Shop and Glenview High are the most puerile shows on air. The Sullivans and The Young Doctors to me are the best Australian productions.” M. Hamilton, QLD.

mikewillesee “I do not often disagree with Mike Willesee (pictured), but it irked me when on several occasions (even after a year or so) he still talked about the ghouls at the Granville train disaster, who came running to watch. Well, I’d like to know the difference between them and the ones that ran with cameras and took notes of all that happened to tell us all on the news, in each gory detail, and show pictures of it.” E. Plant, NSW.

What’s On (May 6-12)
Late on Saturday night, HSV7 presents a direct telecast of the FA Cup Final, between Arsenal and Ipswich, live from Wembley Stadium in London. For those that missed the live telecast, HSV7 repeated it the next afternoon.

denisedrysdale ATV0 presents a 90-minute musical special The 20s And All That Jazz, based on the Australian stage show. Appearing in the special, produced at the Nunawading studios of ATV0, are John Diedrich, John O’May, Caroline Gillmer and Denise Drysdale (pictured)

ABC‘s new series of A Big Country featured a documentary on the making of the film The Chant Of Jimmie Blacksmith – adapted from Thomas Kenneally‘s book of the same name.

ABC‘s legendary children’s program Mr Squiggle returns for a new series of ten episodes with host Miss Jane (Jane Fennell) and joining the pencil-nosed Mr Squiggle are friends Gus and Bill Steamshovel.

Sunday night movies are Carry On Henry (HSV7), the movie-length pilot of The Love Boat (GTV9) and the ‘modified TV version’ of High Plains Drifter (ATV0). The Duchess Of Duke Street and I Claudius are still going on ABC after twelve weeks.

Source: TV Times (Melbourne edition), 6 May 1978. ABC/ACP

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  1. Oh Lordy, this is priceless lol!
    Wasn’t Glenview High a sort of prequel to The Restless Years?
    Or am I thinking of Class of ’74?
    Nick Hedstrom was soooo gorgeous *sigh* as was poor Jon Blake.

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