Dec 21 2015

TVS has left the airwaves

tvs_0002Sydney’s community TV station TVS has ceased transmission after almost ten years on the air.

Governments on both sides of politics have failed to adequately support the concept of community television, but the ultimate crippling blow came last year — when the then Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the sector it would need to vacate the airwaves by the end of 2015 and adapt an online business model if they wished to continue operating. While other stations in the sector have accepted a last-minute reprieve of 12 months, TVS opted not to take up the Government’s offer based on the conditions that formed the invitation to stay on the air.

TVS cheekily promoted its pending shutdown in last night’s station line-up:

YouTube: SydneyCityTV

TVS first began program transmission in November 2005, ahead of its official launch in February 2006. After the sector’s prolonged battle to get access to digital spectrum, the station begun digital transmission in March 2010 and shutdown its analogue signal in 2012.

At this stage it is not clear if or when TVS will re-emerge via an online platform. It’s website is already offline.

Source: Wikipedia, SydneyCityTV


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Dec 15 2015

1995: December 16-22

tvweek_161295Cover: Heather Locklear (Melrose Place)

Cop an eyeful of Costas!
Melbourne-born actor Costas Mandylor moved to Los Angeles eight years ago and is probably best known to viewers from the US drama series Picket Fences. But Mandylor’s next role is set to reveal all, with nude scenes in an upcoming film, the erotic love story Delta Of Venus. “It’s the first time I’ve done that much lovin’ (in a film),” he told TV Week. “You see more than ever.” Mandylor has been back in Australia to promote the launch of Foxtel, which will be joining Network Ten in screening episodes of Picket Fences.


Melrose on the Gold Coast
The Nine Network‘s new drama series Pacific Drive has been in production for three months and is set to debut next month in a post-9.30pm timeslot. The show’s publicity blurb promises that Pacific Drive is “a place settled between endless golden beaches and a cosmopolitan city, where money buys everything but peace of mind … a place where both the rich and beautiful live, work and play, providing the ultimate backdrop for the ambitions, desires and obsessions of people who live there”. Pacific Drive is set to takes viewers into the boardroom of a glamorous image-making empire; inside the bedrooms of its dynamic residents; and on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Cast (pictured above) and producers make no apologies for any similarities between Pacific Drive and the US hit Melrose Place. “It’s probably Melrose crossed with something,” producer Bruce Best told TV Week. “The physical production itself is definitely groundbreaking. It’s not vulgar, there’s no gratuitous sex, but you see enough bodies to make it interesting. Let’s face it, you don’t need a PhD to watch it, but it’s good fun none the less.” Pacific Drive features former E Street stars Kate Raison, Melissa Tkautz and Adrian Lee. Joining them are Erik Thomson, Simone Buchanan, Danielle Spencer, Joss McWilliam, Lloyd Morris, Christine Stephen-Daly, Andre Eikmeier, Mark Constable, Steve J Harman, Libby Tanner and Darrin Klimek.

jobethtaylorRiding off into the sunset
Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show host Jo Beth Taylor (pictured) and her husband James have joined with eight other investors in purchasing a historic 500-hectare property on the northern NSW coast. They are set to turn the property into a horse-riding resort. Taylor’s interest in horses was triggered by a segment she filmed for Getaway two years ago. “It was a report on pub crawls on horseback and we met the tour operator,” she told TV Week. “The Getaway story changed my life.”


  • Hey Hey It’s Saturday has some big plans for its upcoming 25th anniversary in 1996. One idea being worked out is to return the show to going to air live each week. Hey Hey It’s Saturday has normally been taped on a Friday, but there were some shows produced live to air during the year.
  • Meanwhile, Hey Hey host and producer Daryl Somers is putting together a new kids’ show, not unlike the original early morning version of Hey Hey It’s Saturday.
  • ABC is believed to be planning a pilot for a new youth-oriented show for Saturday nights, currently with the working title Fat City.
  • Production of the hospital-based series RPA was looking to be on shaky ground following an incident where a casualty filmed included footage of a death. The Royal Prince Alfred hospital, where the series is based, threatened to pull out of taking part in a second series. The Nine Network has since advised that both the network and hospital have resolved their differences and production of a second series is to go ahead next year.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 26 November): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 Movie: Four Weddings And A Funeral Nine Sun 2429000
2 This Is Your Life Nine Thu 2155000
3 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1914000
4 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1905000
5 The Nanny Ten Wed 1901000
6 RPA Nine Thu 1809000
7 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1801000
8 The Simpsons Ten Wed 1750000
9 The World’s Greatest Magic Seven Mon 1700000
10 The World’s Greatest Commercials Seven Mon 1700000
11 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1635000
12 National Nine News Nine M-F 1622000
13 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine Tue 1580000
14 The Great Outdoors Seven Tue 1575000
15 Our House Nine Wed 1574000
16 National Nine News Nine Sun 1533000
17 Burke’s Backyard Nine Fri 1531000
18 Money Nine Wed 1515000
19 National Nine News Nine Sat 1507000
20 Greatest Dummy Spits Nine Tue 1490000

Darren Devlyn: The View From Here:

“They say that death is hard, but comedy is harder. Perhaps the person who coined this phrase was contemplating the failure of the Australian television industry to produce a decent sitcom. With the exception of Mother And Son and Frontline, our recent efforts to construct a sitcom with artistic and commercial appeal have ranged from mediocre to abysmal. Shows such as Late For School, Hampton Court, The Bob Morrison Show, Bligh, Over The Hill, Wedlocked and Funky Squad have fizzled like wet sparklers. Given the limited financial resources available to Australian producers, it’s probably unfair to judge our shows alongside the likes of Seinfeld and Roseanne. While Roseanne has a budget of close to $1 million an episode, the average cost of a half-hour Australian sitcom is in the vicinity of $140,000.”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, December 16-22):
Saturday: Afternoon sport includes golf (Schweppes Coolum Classic, 1pm, Ten), surfing (Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain League, 2.30pm, Nine) and bowls (International Indoor Championship, 2pm, ABC).

Sunday: The Benson And Hedges World Series Cricket (10.20am, Nine), Australia versus West Indies, is live from the Adelaide Oval. The Schweppes Coolum Classic (1pm, Ten) continues. Jason Cameron hosts the one-hour special Court 1 — TV On Trial (7pm, Nine), taking a look at Australia’s biggest court in action — Court 1 at the Melbourne Magistrates Court. 60 Minutes (8pm, Nine) presents its last show for the year. Sunday night movies are Good Morning Vietnam (repeat, Seven), The Butcher’s Wife (Nine) and Exchange Lifeguards (Ten).

Monday: With Christmas rapidly approaching, Seven’s midday movies this week all take on a Christmas theme, starting with the 1978 film A Christmas To Remember (12pm).

Tuesday: The Benson And Hedges World Series Cricket (2.20pm, Nine) is live from Melbourne, with only two hours of coverage allowed into Melbourne. Wise Up (9.30pm, ABC) discusses the topic of Abortion.

Wednesday: In Law Of The Land (7.30pm, Nine), one of the town’s own police officers is knifed in a bungled raid. The biographical series A Life (9.30pm, ABC) returns — this week profiling RM Williams, the outback horseman who created an iconic clothing brand.

Thursday: The Benson And Hedges World Series Cricket (2.20pm, Nine), Australia versus Sri Lanka, is live from the Sydney Cricket Ground. A cast of comedians — including Magda Szubanski, Andrew Denton, Gerry Connolly, Wendy Harmer, Tony Martin, Mick Molloy, Jane Turner, Marg Downey, Nick Giannopoulos, John Clarke, Judith Lucy, Rod Quantock and Kaz Cooke — feature in the special The Search For Christmas (9.30pm, Seven).

Friday: The Australian Dancesport Championships (8.30pm, Seven) features Australia’s most prestigious ballroom dancing competition.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 16 December 1995. Pacific Publications Pty Ltd


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Dec 12 2015

Obituary: Harry Butler

harrybutlerHarry Butler, best known as the presenter of the ABC documentary series In The Wild With Harry Butler, has died in Perth at the age of 85.

Butler, the 1979 Australian Of The Year, had been diagnosed with cancer two years ago but as recently as three months ago was still actively working on his farm.

Born in Western Australia in 1930, Butler trained as a teacher before commencing a career as an environmental consultant in the 1960s. He rose to national fame as host of In The Wild With Harry Butler, produced for ABC between 1976 and 1981. His popularity led to him winning the Gold Sammy at the 1977 Sammy Awards for film and television. In The Wild With Harry Butler also won a Sammy that year and a TV Week Logie Award in 1978 for Best Documentary Series.

Butler, of the belief that conservation and development were not incompatible, continued to work in environmental consulting roles for mining companies, developers and government agencies.  “I’ve achieved more by working with mining companies and other developers than I ever would have lying down in front of bulldozers,” he said in his acceptance of the Australian of the Year award.

He received an Order of Australia and was named as an Australian Living Treasure in 2012.

In The Wild With Harry Butler is now available on DVD.

YouTube: UbeefHooked

Source: ABC, Australian Of The Year, Wikipedia. TV Times, 22 October 1977. TV Times, 29 October 1977. TV Week, 11 March 1978.



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Dec 08 2015

1995: December 9-15

tvweek_091295Summer Bay beauty becomes screen queen
Home And Away‘s Isla Fisher (pictured) is being kept busy during the show’s end of year break. The young star will be catching up with family in Perth and will also be in demand to promote the release of her second novel, Bewitched. Her first book, Seduced By Fame, was a top-seller and she has had positive feedback about the second. “People who have read my second book say that I’ve developed a lot as a writer, and that’s great to hear,” she told TV Week. She has also had a lot of feedback from viewers for her portrayal of Shannon, a character suffering from anorexia nervosa, in Home And Away. “I’ve had a lot of feedback about that storyline, particularly relating to the bulimia. I think everyone is self-conscious about one part of their body or another, and I’m no different, but I still felt a lot of research was required for me to play the part truthfully. I spoke to health experts and girlfriends of mine who have had anorexia.” Fisher was recently in Melbourne for a TV Week photo shoot for the launch of the $40 million Jam Factory cinema complex, being photographed with a collection of Hollywood icons.



Fire drill heats up
The cast of the Seven Network‘s Fire have sweated through an intensive five-day fire-fighting course in preparation for production of the second series. Taking part in the RAAF training in Brisbane were cast members Andy Anderson, Tayler Kane, Wayne Pearson and newcomers Damian Pike, Robert Morgan, Danny Adcock, Damian Rice and Tottie Goldsmith. “On the second day we were fighting fires, and they had us in the room where they find out if you’re claustrophobic,” Anderson told TV Week. “You put the breathing apparatus on and you’re put in a smoky, darkened room and they say, ‘Find the dead body’. I would like to have been a firey, because I think, ‘Yeah, I could have copped this quite well’, but I also know that it’s play-acting. (In real life) you can’t put up your hand and say, ‘The game’s over, take two’.” Co-executive producer Tony Cavanaugh says none of the Fire actors from either series have failed the course. “They always think the girls will fail, and both times — with Georgie (Parker) and now Tottie — we’ve had begrudging approval, support and recognition that girls can be just as good as guys at fighting fires,” he said.

angelabrownSealed with a kiss
Totally Wild reporter Angela Brown (pictured) recently got up close and personal with Friday, the first seal to be born and survive at Under Water World’s newly established breeding program. Brown was there as Friday took its first dip in the deep-water pool. “It actually came up and nudged me on the nose,” she told TV Week. “I think it thought I was its mother. It came out, nudged me and then realised I wasn’t its mum and shot back into the water and went swimming to look for her.” And while mother seals can sometimes not want the baby or have enough milk to support the newborn, Brown says that both mother and baby are doing really well. “(The mother) loves it to bits and she has lots of milk and the baby seal is growing quite steadily.”


  • Filming has begun in Melbourne on Mercury, an ABC drama set in a newspaper office. The cast includes Geoffrey Rush, Victoria Longley, Susan Lyons and David Roberts.
  • Lift Off, ABC‘s popular children’s series, is now coming back as a musical. Lift Off Live! opens in Sydney in January, featuring Geraldine Turner, Philip Quast, Tony Sheldon and Monica Trapaga — but you won’t be seeing them on stage. They are merely providing voices to the characters. Joining the Lift Off characters on stage will be Mark Mitchell.
  • Seven‘s popular game show Gladiators is set to hit the charts! The Gladiators Album is to feature a compilation of 17 songs that are featured in the show, with each track linked to one of the Gladiators. The Gladiators won’t be singing the songs — the album will feature the original artist and recordings, with one exception. Vulcan is the only Gladiator who will be getting his vocals featured, pairing up with Sydney singer Cliff B for a rap song, Bad As You Want To Be.
  • Speculation is that Nine is planning to move its hit US show ER from Thursday to Tuesday nights to go up against Seven‘s popular local drama Blue Heelers. Seven, however, is looking at moving Blue Heelers to another night to make room for the second series of Fire on Tuesdays.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 19 November): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 Movie: The Fugitive Nine Sun 2750000
2 National Nine News Nine Sun 2018000
3 60 Minutes Nine Sun 2016000
4 This Is Your Life Nine Thu 1873000
5 Our House Nine Wed 1872000
6 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1817000
7 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1811000
8 The Beatles Anthology (Pt.1) Seven Wed 1798000
9 Money Nine Wed 1770000
10 The Nanny Ten Wed 1745000
11 The Beatles Anthology (Pt.2) Seven Thu 1667000
12 National Nine News Nine M-F 1664000
13 Sale Of The Century Nine M-F 1612000
14 Getaway Nine Thu 1606000
15 RPA Nine Thu 1481000
16 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1481000
17 Gladiators Seven Sat 1467000
18 The 7.30 Report: Special Edition ABC Tue 1424000
19 The Simpsons Ten Wed 1422000
20 Movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Nine Fri 1418000

Lawrie Masterson: The View From Here

tvweek_1992“After three years as editor of TV Week (my second stint in the position), I have been appointed US editor for Pacific Publications (Melbourne), the company that publishes TV Week, New Idea, Sports Weekly, The Australasian Post, Disney Adventures, Foxtel, Home Beautiful and Your Garden magazines. Garry Williams, my deputy editor for most of the past three years, becomes editor of TV Week. I don’t want to appear all misty-eyed, but there is some reflecting to do. TV Week is almost as old as the television industry itself — pushing 40 — and three years ago it was showing signs of middle age. There was no doubt that TV Week had to smarten up and reposition itself to some extent, and I think we have achieved that in the past three years. From the television point-of-view, we were the first to introduce full colour in our program guide, and the first in Australia with the video programming system G-Codes. Everyone else has followed. I think we’ve become better at what we do, and I look back on it with a great deal of pride.”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, December 9-15):
Saturday: The First Test: Australia versus Sri Lanka (1.20pm, Nine) continues from Perth, and again on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Funniest People (7pm, Seven), hosted by Andrew Daddo and Alyssa-Jane Cook, returns.

Sunday: Current affairs programs Business Sunday (8am, Nine) and Sunday (9am, Nine) present their final shows for the year. To commemorate UNICEF International Children’s Day Of Broadcasting, ABC devotes five hours (from 1pm) to children’s programs from various nations. Sunday night movies are A Fish Called Wanda (repeat, Seven), Casualties Of War (repeat, Nine) and Weird Science (repeat, Ten).

Monday: With the schedule filled up by B-grade first-runs and heaps of repeats… what are the hot topics of the American talk shows? “He Cheated On Me… Trust Me, Girlfriend, He’ll Cheat On You Too” (Ricki Lake, 12pm, Ten) and “Are You Still Haunted By Your First Love?” (Oprah Winfrey, 2.30pm, Ten).

Tuesday: Audience feedback program Backchat (9.20pm, ABC) presents its last show for the year. Talk show Wise Up (9.30pm, ABC) returns for a new series, hosted by Jon Faine and this week discusses the topic of Drugs.

Wednesday: Drama series Law Of The Land (7.30pm, Nine) returns with a two-hour episode, featuring guest star Terry Serio. 

katefischerThursday: Kate Fischer (pictured) presents the special Time Out For Serious Fun (7.30pm, Nine), looking at the various ways that Australians spend their leisure time. The Adelaide International Tattoo (8.30pm, ABC) features the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Brigade Of Gurkhas, Umbrian Flag Wavers from Italy, plus bands from the Royal Australian Navy and South Australian Police Force.

Friday: Benson And Hedges World Series Cricket (9.50am, Nine) features Sri Lanka versus West Indies, live from Adelaide Oval.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 9 December 1995. Pacific Publications Pty Ltd



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Dec 07 2015

50 years ago… more than 2 million TVs

tvset_1965_0005It was 50 years ago that TV Times reported that sometime around September of 1965, the Postmaster-General Department issued the two millionth TV receiver licence in Australia.

Back then, and up until the mid 1970s, any household wishing to operate a radio or television set in Australia had to purchase a licence to do so. The annual cost of a TV licence was around £6, or higher if combined with a radio licence. The revenue derived from these licences went towards funding the national broadcaster, ABC. The licence scheme was based on a similar model which is still in place today in the United Kingdom.

With more than two million sets in use across the country, Australia (with an overall population then of around 11 million, living in 3 million households) was deemed to have well adapted to the medium that had debuted nine years earlier. Viewers were also becoming more savvy as to what they wanted from a TV set — with a range of models and sizes available, the advent of basic remote controls, portable sets, earpieces for hearing impaired viewers and better picture quality — and manufacturers had been adapting to improved technology, making sets cheaper and more reliable.


In 1965, a “modern” 23 or 25-inch TV set would retail for around £200 (soon to become $400 with the conversion to decimal currency, and with inflation would equate to around $4900 today!). This is compared to 1957 when a standard 21-inch set would cost around £257. And, of course, all of these sets only displayed black-and-white television.

Fifty years ago, top of the range TV sets could come with a clock or timer, enabling the TV set to be switched on or off at pre-determined times. Other sets, such as the 25-inch “Kriesler Multi-sonic Television Theatre”, as well as a clock/timer, included a record player, radio, microphone and speaker facilities… for around £400 ($800 in 1966 dollars).


The trend was also moving towards households owning a second TV set — leading to a booming market for portable sets, usually between 11 and 16-inch screens and retailing for anywhere between around £80 and £135.

Improvements in technology meant that 1965 model sets relied less on valves, which were estimated to account for as much as 60 per cent of TV set breakdowns, and more on transistors which were more robust and less likely to have troubles. The sets also had better ventilation, making them less likely to overheat, and had eradicated the problem of “implosions” — where picture tubes would shatter inwards under atmospheric pressure!

The average household with a 1965 model set would be considered unlucky if their TV required two service calls a year — compared to an average of five service calls a year for older models.


tvset_1965_0004The design of sets in Australia had settled towards a style somewhere between the contemporary design of European sets and the larger, ‘colonial’ style that was common in the United States. Manufacturers had also experimented with larger screen sizes, such as a 27-inch model, but found the market unwilling to adopt them in sufficient numbers.

The next big development in the design and manufacture of TV sets was the advent of colour TV. In 1965, despite some “informal” colour test transmissions, the official introduction of colour TV was still expected to be “five to ten” years away and it was still not known which colour TV standard would be adopted by Australia.

Source: TV Times, 8 December 1965




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Dec 03 2015

1995: December 2-8

tvweek_021295Cover: Glenn Ridge, Nicky Buckley (Sale Of The Century)

Michael out with a splash!
Home And Away‘s Michael Ross (Dennis Coard) is set to meet a watery end in 1996. Also in the new year are plans for Ailsa (Judy Nunn) to become a mum again. And Haydn Ross (Andrew Hill) will be returning to Summer Bay and having a steamy affair with Marilyn (Emily Symons).

Out of the Woods
Blue Heelers star John Wood admits he’s a workaholic. With production of the series finished for its second year, Woods is working on a new script for the show, rehearsing for a musical-comedy and taking his first overseas trip to promote Blue Heelers in the UK . Wood will be playing the Narrator in the Stephen Sondheim production Into The Woods, due to open at Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens in January. “The role of Narrator is much bigger than I imagined,” he said. “There’s more singing than I envisaged, and the Narrator actually gets involved in the action.” Into The Woods also stars Gina Riley (Fast Forward, Big Girl’s Blouse), Richard Piper (Wedlocked) and Matthew Newton.

Lisa McCune heads for Gilligan’s Island
Blue Heelers star Lisa McCune is giving her no-nonsense policewoman image a shake up as she takes on the part of Mary-Anne in Footy Castaways, a stage parody of the classic series Gilligan’s Island. Also starring in the show is Full Frontal‘s Julia Morris as Ginger, AFL star Ang Christou as Gilligan, former Collingwood player Peter Daicos as the Professor, Geelong’s John Barnes as the Skipper, Seven Network sports presenter Tim Watson as Thurston Howell III, Essendon’s Mark Harvey as Mrs Howell and Eric Bana as the narrator. “I am Ginger… totally self-centred,” Morris told TV Week. “Ginger was a sex machine. She was always trying to get a bit of loving from Gilligan.” Footy Castaways is playing at Melbourne’s Last Laugh theatre restaurant.


  • johnburgessadrianaxenides_0001Wheel Of Fortune host John Burgess (pictured with co-host Adriana Xenides) has ditched his trademark moustache in the name of charity, at the Seven Network‘s recent teddy bear’s picnic to raise funds for Sydney’s new children’s hospital at Westmead.
  • The Seven Network is to pilot a local version of the hit UK variety-game show Talking Telephone Numbers. In the show studio contestants take part in games, but viewers are able to participate by phoning in.
  • Tracey Curro has signed a new contract with 60 Minutes, ending speculation that she would be leaving the show.
  • Sky News, the new pay TV channel being launched by Nine, Seven and Britain’s BSkyB, is to be based at new studios in the Sydney suburb of Frenchs Forest. Earlier plans to base the channel at Nine’s Sydney studio fell through after Seven wasn’t keen on the idea.
  • Some big names are believed to be signed up for guest appearances in Seven‘s Fire when it returns in 1996. Garry McDonald and Barry Otto are among those rumoured to be appearing.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 12 November): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 Movie: Dave Nine Sun 2134000
2 This Is Your Life Nine Thu 1939000
3 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1923000
4 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1805000
5 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1712000
6 Our House Nine Wed 1660000
7 National Nine News Nine Sun 1626000
8 Seven’s Salute To Comedy Seven Mon 1603000
9 The Great Outdoors Seven Tue 1601000
10 National Nine News Nine M-F 1592000
11 National Nine News Nine Sat 1587000
12 Money Nine Wed 1565000
13 Getaway Nine Thu 1560000
14 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine Tue 1547000
15 RPA Nine Thu 1541000
16 Sale Of The Century Nine M-F 1537000
17 Better Homes And Gardens Seven Tue 1530000
18 Mad About You Ten Tue 1487000
19 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1477000
20 The X Files Ten Wed 1471000

Caron James: The View From Here

“Commercials used to be those annoying sales pitches that kept interrupting the program, or coming on just at the wrong moment during a cricket Test. Now, commercials ARE the program — well, one high-rating program, anyway — in the form of The World’s Greatest Commercials (Sunday nights on the Seven Network). It’s bizarre that a show made up of what most of us normally hate about TV is watched by more than a million people in Australia a week. Personally, I find it difficult to sit through a show that features commercials. One special every year or so of The World’s Greatest Commercials might be okay. But every week?”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, December 2-8):
Saturday: The Third Test: Australia versus Pakistan (10.50pm, Nine) continues from the Sydney Cricket Ground, and again on Sunday and Monday. Hey Hey It’s Saturday (6.30pm, Nine) presents its final show for the year, and Gladiators (6.30pm, Seven) reaches its Grand Final.

Sunday: Andrew Daddo travels through Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia for the series debut of Lonely Planet (6.30pm, Seven). Sunday night movies are Cocktail (repeat, Seven), Other Women’s Children (Nine) and Romper Stomper (Ten).

annefulwood_0001Monday: Replacing Neighbours for the summer season is re-runs of MASH (6.30pm, Ten); while replacing Home And Away is repeats of The Great Outdoors (7pm, Seven); and Paul Holmes hosts a new dating show, Simply Irresistible (7pm, Nine), replacing Sale Of The Century. Late night program Sports Tonight extends to an early evening edition (7pm, Ten) for the summer. Amanda Keller and Michael Whitney host The National Sex Appeal Test (7.30pm, Seven) — posing the question, What Is Sex Appeal? Appearing on the show are Doug Mulray, Home And Away stars Debra Lawrance and Dennis Coard, Wendy Harmer, Peter Moon, Lyndel Jacob and Peter Harrison. Anne Fulwood (pictured), recently moved across from the Ten Network, presents the new late night edition of Seven Nightly News (10.30pm, Seven).

Tuesday: Blue Heelers (8.30pm, Seven) goes into repeat mode for the summer. Some less than memorable US shows are beginning to appear for the non-ratings period: Viper (7.30pm, Nine), Madman Of The People (8pm, Ten), University Hospital (8.30pm, Ten) and The Wanderer (11.05pm, Seven), starring Australian Bryan Brown.

Wednesday: Lifestyle programs Our House (7.30pm, Nine) and Money (8pm, Nine) finish up for the year. Actress Sandy Gore narrates the wildlife documentary From The Snow To The Sea (8pm, ABC), part of the Wild Australia series. In the series final of Bordertown (8.30pm, ABC), Baringa is set to close; and on the eve of his wedding to Louise (Christine Tremarco), Nino (Mitchell Butel) disappears.

Thursday: Getaway (7.30pm, Nine) presents its final show for the year, with reporters Jeff Watson, Tina Dalton, Lochie Daddo, Rebecca Harris and Christina Morrissy presenting the show’s best stories from 1995.

mervhughesFriday: The AFL National Draft (10.30am, Seven) is broadcast live from the Carlton Radisson Hotel, Melbourne, hosted by Sandy Roberts. New quiz show A Question Of Sport (7.30pm, Ten) is hosted by Matthew White and features team captains Merv Hughes (pictured) and David Campese.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 2 December 1995. Southdown Press




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Nov 30 2015

Seven wins 2015

7_2000sThe ratings year has come to an end. While the Seven Network claims the overall contest (6pm-12mn, 5 cities), as usual each of the players have claimed various prizes and achievements of their own.

The Nine Network, coming second overall in prime time, has claimed to have victory over the advertiser-friendly demographics of 16-39s, 18-49s and 25-54s.

Network Ten claims to be the only commercial network to have achieved audience growth compared to 2014. Ten has also claimed the year in daytime (9am-6pm) for viewers 25-54.

Seven has claimed victory in prime time (6pm-12mn) for the period from 8 February to 28 November (excluding the two weeks surrounding Easter) — the official survey periods declared by ratings agency OzTAM, covering the capital city markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Seven’s network share of 29.3% (down from 30.4% in 2014) is followed by Nine (28.1%), Ten (18.8%), ABC (17.6%) and SBS (6.2%).

Broken down to individual channels — Seven (20.7%) defeated Nine (19.7%), Ten (13.4%), ABC (13.0%), SBS (4.9%), 7TWO (4.7%), GO (4.6%), 7mate (3.9%), Gem (3.8%), Eleven and ABC2 (2.8% each), One (2.6%), ABC News 24 (1.2%), SBS2 (1.1%), ABC3 (0.6%) and NITV (0.1%).

(These figures are based on preliminary results and may vary slightly when delayed viewing for the last survey week is added but is unlikely to change the finishing order.)

Seven had another big year with reality titles My Kitchen Rules (The Winner Announced — 2.180m across 5 cities) and The X Factor. House Rules didn’t fare quite as highly but still maintained a solid result. The same could not be said for Restaurant Revolution, the much hyped new format which rated poorly and ended up quietly playing out its series on Thursday nights. And after 15 seasons there wasn’t much ratings shine left in the Dancing With The Stars mirror ball, but it will be back next year.

Seven had success with new dramas 800 Words (1.325m) and Winter (1.001m) and mini-series Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door (Part One — 1.560m) and Catching Milat (final — 1.686m). The network’s early evening stalwart Home And Away has had a challenging year, while the launch of The Chase has provided a strong lead-in to Seven News and provided a late year challenge to Hot Seat’s dominance on the 5.30pm timeslot.

The AFL Grand Final (2.645m) topped the network’s list of sporting events, followed by the Melbourne Cup (the race — 2.130m) and the Australian Open (Men’s Final — 1.882m).

Sunrise continued to win the breakfast battle against Nine’s Today, but the latter is closing the gap once thought to be unsurmountable a few years ago.

9_logo_2009_0002The Nine Network had a big year with sporting events, with the State Of Origin (2nd match — 2.653m, 1st match — 2.468m, 3rd match — 2.255m), ICC World Cup Cricket Final (Session 2 — 2.440m) and NRL Grand Final (2.458m) topping its list of events.

It was also another big year for The Block (Triple Threat: Winner Announced — 2.054m), while The Voice (Grand Final — 1.563m) also delivered strong results. New reality show The Hot Plate may have fought off a legal bid by Seven to stop it going to air but it didn’t manage to hit the highs enjoyed by My Kitchen Rules — the series that Seven claims it was significantly based on. Reno Rumble was a fair performer, and the year’s second series of The Block failed to match the ratings of the first. New series Married At First Sight (1.198m) fared surprisingly well.

Drama series Love Child (1.074m) had a solid run, while mini-series The House Of Hancock (Part Two — 1.684m) delivered higher results. Mini-series Gallipoli launched to a high of 1.342m but ratings rapidly dropped as the series progressed.

Nine News continued to win the 6.00pm battle against Seven News, although the latter is still the leader in Adelaide and Perth. 60 Minutes (975,000) outranked Seven’s Sunday Night (955,000), though there were probably few occasions where the shows were directly against each other.

ten_2013Network Ten’s boost in confidence and share of ratings and advertising revenue is largely attributed to new formats kicked off during the year — Gogglebox, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Shark Tank, The Great Australian Spelling Bee and The Bachelorette. While most of these did not exactly match the ratings highs of rival programs they presented a swing towards Ten while Seven and Nine were knocking each other out over duelling formats.

MasterChef Australia (Winner Announced — 2.2m) was again a strong performer for Ten, while The Bachelorette Australia (The Final Decision — 1.563m) got off to a great first series on the back of another series of The Bachelor (The Final Decision — 1.519m). I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here (Winner Announced — 1.26m) delivered growth in the early evening timeslot compared to 2014. Gogglebox was a slow starter at the beginning of the year but its second series at the end of the year (730,000) was much improved.

Mary: The Making Of A Princess (1.1m) was a ratings hit at the end of the year, but there wasn’t much joy for series Wonderland (537,000), which will not be back in 2016. Neighbours, on Eleven, averaged 238,000 viewers which is a decline from previous years but ranks high among multi-channel ratings in that timeslot.

Ten had solid results for Have You Been Paying Attention (669,000) and consistent numbers for The Living Room (560,000). Family Feud (593,000), which continues to be broadcast across Ten’s three channels, is providing a fair alternative to the 6.00pm news bulletins.

Although Seven and Nine are knocking each other out with game shows at 5.30pm, Ten Eyewitness News (559,000) is claiming to have won the full hour. The network has also seen some growth with The Project (7pm — 598,000), particularly in younger demographics and having some wins against Home And Away, particularly in Melbourne.

abc_2001ABC‘s best results this year came from Asian Cup 2015 Final (Extra Time — 1.648m), documentary The Killing Season (1.142m), drama The Doctor Blake Mysteries (1.1m), panel show Gruen (1.066m) and comedy series Utopia (976,000).

Top performer for SBS was Struggle Street (1.061m). The network’s coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, this year featuring Australia’s debut representation in the final, was a strong performer across its four-hour broadcast (592,000) with the additional early morning live broadcast from Vienna (263,000).

As of yesterday (Sunday) networks go into summer non-ratings mode, though viewing data is still collected by OzTAM and reported to networks over the non-ratings period.

The 2016 ratings year begins on 7 February and continues through to 26 November, with a two-week break over the Easter period.

Seven wins 201420132012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

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Nov 29 2015

1995: November 25-December 1

tvweek_251195Maggie makes her move
The long-time simmering attraction between Blue Heelers cops PJ and Maggie (Martin Sacks and Lisa McCune, pictured) finally results in their first kiss as the series comes to a close for the year. But in a surprising development, given PJ’s usual forward manner with women, it is Maggie who makes the first move at a Christmas party. Viewers are warned, however, not to expect this to be a fairy tale romance. “No-one should assume it’s going to be a happy road for them,” McCune tells TV Week. “If Maggie and PJ moved in together, they’d end up hating each other’s guts.”. She adds, “We’re not going to be TV’s next hottest couple!” With production of Blue Heelers now on a break over Christmas, McCune and co-star John Wood will be heading to the UK for a promotional visit since the series has been picked up this year by the ITV network.

mollymeldrum_0005Molly’s memorable night
When the Nine Network launched This Is Your Life earlier this year, host Mike Munro warned Molly Meldrum, “We’ll have to do one on you.” Meldrum responded, “Over my dead body!” But eventually Munro got his way, and a surprised Meldrum lived to tell the tale. Meldrum was lured to Sydney to make a presentation to performer Tina Arena, and as Munro entered the scene, Meldrum assumed This Is Your Life was doing a show on her until it finally dawned that they were doing a show on him! The passing parade of celebrities to pay tribute to Meldrum included Ronnie Burns, John Paul Young, Daryl Braithwaite, Hey Hey It’s Saturday colleague John Blackman, performers Peter Andre and Jo Beth Taylor, Mushroom Records boss Michael Gudinski and cricket mates Greg Chappell and Jeff Thompson. Also joining Meldrum on set were his brother, journalist Brian Meldrum (pictured), and adopted son Morgan.

Will Dieter crash out of Home And Away?
A horrific motorbike accident leaves Shane Parrish’s (Dieter Brummer) life hang in the balance as Home And Away comes to an end for the year. In scenes filmed at Sydney’s Oran Park raceway, Shane goes out to buy some ice-cream and in his haste is seen overtaking a truck as the headlights of an oncoming vehicle are mirrored in his visor. Viewers will have to wait until next year to see if Shane survives, although it is known that Brummer is leaving the series in December and will be seen on screen until early next year. In another end of series cliffhanger, Dr Kelly Watson (Katrina Hobbs) is jabbed by a needle and fears she may have been infected with HIV.


  • Jack Thompson is to play a cattle station owner in the Nine Network‘s new telemovie project, Drover’s Girls. Thompson’s character, Jack McLeod, dies leaving his two daughters to run the station. Casting for the other characters is still to be confirmed. Production starts in South Australia next month.
  • maggiekirkpatrick_0002Maggie Kirkpatrick (pictured) has reprised her role of prison officer Joan Ferguson from Prisoner for a musical revival of the hit series now on stage in the United Kingdom. The production also features UK drag queen Lily Savage (pictured) as a tourist who ends up behind bars while on an Australian holiday.
  • Andrew Daddo‘s latest TV gig is as a reporter on the new UK-produced travel series Lonely Planet, based on the best-selling travel books. Daddo presents two documentaries for the series, one based in Africa and the other in India. Lonely Planet will screen in Australia on the Seven Network.
  • Mimi Macpherson is still with the Discovery pay TV channel, despite earlier reports that her future with the channel was in doubt following a recent drink-driving charge. “They didn’t seem too bothered at all about the incident,” she told TV Week. “I am still doing bits and pieces for them.”
  • The Nine Network has said “no comment” to rumours that Getaway reporter Christina Morrissy is to be let go from the show following the appointment of new reporter Catriona Rowntree.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 5 November): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1938000
2 This Is Your Life Nine Thu 1930000
3 Movie: The Bodyguard Nine Sun 1900000
4 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1767000
5 National Nine News Nine Sun 1737000
6 The Nanny Ten Wed 1659000
7 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1656000
8 Here Comes The Bride Seven Mon 1617000
9 National Nine News Nine M-F 1601000
10 The Great Outdoors Seven Tue 1600000
11 Our House Nine Wed 1587000
12 Getaway Nine Thu 1579000
13 RPA Nine Thu 1535000
14 National Nine News Nine Sat 1532000
15 Burke’s Backyard Nine Fri 1531000
16 The Simpsons Ten Wed 1531000
17 Money Nine Wed 1513000
18 Better Homes And Gardens Seven Tue 1495000
19 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1493000
20 The X Files Ten Wed 1480000

Program Highlights (Melbourne, November 25-December 1):
Saturday: The Australian Open golf (12pm, Seven) continues this weekend from Kingston Heath, Melbourne. The Olympic Dream Fun Run (12pm, Ten) features highlights of the 6th Olympic Dream 10 km run and 6 km walk around the Melbourne Cricket Ground parklands, the Domain and Botanic Gardens.

Sunday: Talk To The Animals (6.30pm, Seven) presents its final show for the year. Documentary series Brian Naylor’s Australia (6.30pm, Nine) presents Part One of The Great Little Train From Down Under. Sunday night movies are The Last Of The Mohicans (repeat, Seven), Four Weddings And A Funeral (Nine) and Home Alone (repeat, Ten).

Monday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Mark’s (Bruce Samazan) career in television is set to take off; while Sam (Richard Grieve) and Annalise (Kimberley Davies) can’t bridge the communication gap. Healthy Wealthy And Wise (7.30pm, Ten) presents its second and final installment of highlights from the year. The two-hour special The Very Best Of The Don Lane Show (8.30pm, Nine) gets a re-run.

michaelcraigsuewalker_0001Tuesday: It’s the end of season episodes for Better Homes And Gardens (7.30pm, Seven), The Great Outdoors (8pm, Seven), Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show (7.30pm, Nine), Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush (8pm, Nine) and The Times (10.35pm, Seven). In the series final of GP (8.30pm, ABC), the wedding of Dr William Sharp and Eva Fowler (Michael Craig and Sue Walker, pictured) marks Dr Sharp’s departure from the series. But as with any TV wedding, not everything goes to plan for Dr Sharp, as divorce papers, a dead body, the impending wedding, his retirement plans and other worries trigger flashbacks to a 10-year-old William during his first days at the surgery with his parents. In Blue Heelers (8.30pm, Seven), the Heelers are desperate to find Gina’s (Rachel Blakely) rapist after mistaking Sam (Stephen Whittaker) as the guilty party.

Wednesday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Susan (Jackie Woodburne) finally tells the truth about her mother’s death; and Cody (Peta Brady) wages war against lecturer Adrian (Jeremy Kewley). In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Jack’s (Daniel Amalm) mother wants him to leave Summer Bay and live with her. In Bordertown (8.30pm, ABC), Joe (Joe Petruzzi) is sent to face trial, and Bev (Linda Cropper) believes her last chance at romantic happiness is lost.

Thursday: The Third Test (10.50am, Nine), Australia versus Pakistan, begins from the Sydney Cricket Ground. Getaway (7.30pm, Nine) takes a different than usual tact this week — with a group of viewers armed with video cameras and sent off on their holidays with their families to record their fantastic memories and total disasters. This Is Your Life (8.30pm, Nine), RPA (9pm, Nine), Lateline (10.30pm, ABC) and Denton (10.35pm, Seven) present their final shows for the year.

Friday: In the series final of Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Stonie and Annalise’s (Anthony Engelman and Kimberley Davies) secret relationship is finally found out. It may or not be a coincidence that on World AIDS Day, the series final of Home And Away (7pm, Seven) reveals that Dr Kelly Watson (Katrina Hobbs) may be HIV positive after cutting herself while attending to an HIV-positive patient. Jennifer Keyte’s World Around Us (7.30pm, Seven) features the special Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures In Japan. Sale Of The Century (7pm, Nine) and Burke’s Backyard (7.30pm, Nine) present their final shows for the year.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 25 November 1995. Southdown Press


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Nov 29 2015

1995: November 18-24

tvweek_181195‘I’m looking forward to leaving!’
After three years as Home And Away‘s Angel, Melissa George (pictured) is preparing to say goodbye to the series that has made her famous. It is an exit that has brought mixed emotions for the young star. “I am looking forward to leaving next June. But it’s going to be very sad, because I’ve had so much fun,” she told TV Week. “I’m a very sentimental person you know, and I cherish everything I do, and I get upset just thinking about my farewell. And there’s another seven months to go!” George’s departure from the series will come after that of her on-screen husband, Dieter Brummer, who leaves the show in December.

tottiegoldsmithHot Tottie!
Tottie Goldsmith (pictured), whose TV credits include Starting Out, Prisoner, The Young Doctors, Special Squad and The Henderson Kids, is excited in the lead-up to her new role as a firefighter Tex in the second series of the Seven Network‘s Fire. The actress has also been working out at the gym every day for the last three months and will take on an intensive two-week firefighting course to prepare the gruelling production. “The challenging physical nature of the role turns me on even more,” she told TV Week. “But there’s a new emphasis at the moment because I want my muscles to look defined.” Also joining Fire for its second series are Damian Rice (GP), Damian Pike, Robert Morgan (Correlli) and Danny Adcock.

Toni’s magic carpet ride
Toni Pearen, host of Galaxy-Foxtel‘s music TV channel Red, is joining the pantomime circuit in the new year. The former E Street star is starring in the production of Aladdin at Sydney’s State Theatre. Aladdin begins its one-month season of twice-daily matinees in early January. “It’s going to be quite strenuous — physically, vocally and mentally — so I’m really going to have to start training now on all those aspects,” she told TV Week. Aladdin also stars Garry McDonald, Rhonda Burchmore, Wayne Scott Kermond, Miguel Ayesa, Paul Blackwell, Don Reid and Gary Down.


  • Mike Willesee and Halifax fp producers Simpson Le Mesurier are believed to have been talking to Nine‘s head of drama Kris Noble about a series of telemovies based on Willesee’s real-life adventures as a hard hitting journalist.
  • The Nine Network denies rumours that Midday is to be axed but speculation persists that co-host David Reyne may be replaced by RIchard Wilkins. Wilkins’ recent guest hosting of the show has apparently been met with positive reaction from viewers.
  • The Seven Network will this week be screening the six-hour Beatles Anthology special just days after its airing in the US. However the three surviving Beatles — Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr — have stunned television executives by banning meat, tobacco and alcohol companies sponsoring the program. Tobacco advertising is already banned on Australian television but a Seven Network spokesperson said that meat and alcohol companies would be allowed to advertise during the program but not be a sponsor.
  • Healthy Wealthy And Wise presenter Iain Hewitson says that for someone who is “a man without any acting talent”, his guest appearance on Neighbours went surprisingly well. “It was a bit of fun,” he told TV Week. Hewitson was called in for the show when Ramsay Street chef Mark Gottlieb (Bruce Samazan) makes a guest appearance on Healthy Wealthy And Wise to prepare his specialty — crocodile burgers.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 29 October): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 Very Best Of The World’s Worst Drivers 2 Nine Sun 2173000
2 This Is Your Life Nine Thu 1969000
3 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1848000
4 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1833000
5 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1687000
6 RPA Nine Thu 1668000
7 The Simpsons Ten Wed 1664000
8 Getaway Nine Thu 1634000
9 Gladiators Seven Sat 1575000
10 National Nine News Nine M-F 1568000
11 Sale Of The Century Nine M-F 1510000
12 Our House Nine Wed 1506000
13 Burke’s Backyard Nine Fri 1503000
14 Mad About You Ten Tue 1499000
15 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine Tue 1499000
16 The Great Outdoors Seven Tue 1493000
17 Secrets Revealed Seven Mon 1489000
18 Ren & Stimpy Ten Sun 1486000
19 Better Homes And Gardens Seven Tue 1482000
20 Money Nine Wed 1442000

Program Highlights (Melbourne, November 18-24):
Saturday: The Second Test (10.50am, Nine) is live from Hobart, featuring Australia versus Pakistan, continuing through to Tuesday. Beyond 2000 (5.30pm, Ten) goes into a summer series of ‘Best Of’ episodes. The Landline special Country Music Sweethearts (6pm, ABC) features a compilation of video clips that have featured on Landline and also interviews with country music performers.

Sunday: Singer Max Sharam hosts a Video Hits special, Oz Music In ’95 (5.30pm, Ten). Sunday night movies are Strictly Ballroom (repeat, Seven), The Fugitive (Nine) and Harmful Intent (Ten).

Monday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Stonie and Annalise (Anthony Engelman and Kimberley Davies) are forced to remember their recent secret liaison. Healthy Wealthy And Wise (7.30pm, Ten) begins its summer series of highlights from during the year.

alanjones_0001Tuesday: In Blue Heelers (8.30pm, Seven), at Tom’s (John Wood) Christmas barbecue, Adam’s (Damian Walshe-Howling) visiting brother (Stephen Whittaker) annoys every woman in attendance, and Gina (Rachel Blakely) is found battered, bruised and raped in a park. All the male police give alibies, except Adam, who refuses to talk. In GP (8.30pm, ABC), Henry (Steve Bisley) learns a few lessons in love from Sonia (Zoe Carides) and in multiculturalism from a Vietnamese patient. The documentary Demons At Drive Time (8.30pm, SBS) presents a fly-on-the-wall observation of the power and influence of some of Australia’s most popular radio talkback hosts, including Alan Jones (pictured), Ron Casey, Brian Wilshire and Stan Zemanek in Sydney, Howard Sattler in Perth and Bob Francis in Adelaide.

petrugheorghiuWednesday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Lou (Tom Oliver) is flabbergasted by Linda’s (Regina Gaigalas) surprise arrival; and Jo’s (Emma Harrison) life looks up when Flakey (Brian Wenzel) promises to stay away from the bottle. In Bordertown (8.30pm, ABC), Dante (Petru Gheorghiu, pictured) begins to crack under the burden of his guilty secret; and Nino (Mitchell Butel) is suspected of murder. The first of the three-part series The Beatles Anthology (8.30pm, Seven), described as the definitive history of The Beatles, goes to air just days after screening in the US and UK. It continues on Thursday and Friday nights.

Thursday: The Heineken Australian Open (12pm, Seven) commences four days of competition from Kingston Heath, Melbourne; with players competing for prize money of $850,000. In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Brett (Brett Blewitt) learn about life in a Massai village. In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Angel (Melissa George) tells Ailsa (Judy Nunn) that Dylan’s (Corey Glaister) leukaemia is like a ticking time-bomb. In Getaway (7.30pm, Nine), Lochie Daddo goes on a safari in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory; Christina Morrissy visits India for the Pushkar festival and checks out accommodation at Mt Priory in Victoria; and Jeff Watson takes a guided tour of Vienna.

Friday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Shane (Dieter Brummer) tells Travis (Nic Testoni) that he feels like a prisoner in his own home.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 18 November 1995. Southdown Press



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Nov 27 2015

Community TV on air through 2016

committocommunitytvThe Australian Community Television Alliance has announced that four of its member stations — C31 Melbourne, 44 Adelaide, 31 Digital Brisbane and WTV Perth — have accepted an offer from the Government to have their broadcast licences extended until the end of 2016.

The community TV sector was informed last year that its access to broadcast on free-to-air television would be revoked as of the end of 2015. The decision sparked a widespread campaign of public support for the community TV stations to stay on the air.

In September an offer the extend the stations’ broadcast licences by 12 months was made by the then Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull.

The Alliance has issued a brief statement this afternoon:

Hello Community TV supporters

A huge thanks to you all for helping secure a lifeline for Community TV!

Four Community TV stations recently accepted an offer from the Federal Government which grants the sector a one year extension of its free to air TV licence, through until the end of 2016.

This welcome decision by the Federal Government will allow the CTV sector crucial time to develop and roll-out our online platforms which we are confident will be relevant and attractive to all stakeholders – producers, sponsors and viewers.

Most importantly though, Community TV will continue on free to air TV through 2016.

For helping to protect the home of grassroots Australian community content we say thank you, dear viewer.

See you in 2016!




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