Mar 31 2015

1995: April 1-7

tvweek_010495Rebecca’s baby tragedy
Rebecca Gibney is drenched in sweat, traumatised and wracked with pain — and she couldn’t be happier. For Gibney, playing the part of a woman who tragically gives birth to a stillborn child for an episode of GP, the role makes a change from glamorous-looking roles. “I think I’ve needed to show that different side of me, because I think people are so used to seeing me made up, not a hair out of place and dressed up in those glamorous suits,” she told TV Week. “This is good, because the bags show, the lines show, I look like I’m a 30-year-old woman who is going through an enormous amount of pain.” She is joined in the GP episode by John Howard, who plays her husband.

Current affairs boss quits
The 7.30 Report has been dealt a blow with the show’s national editor Philip Chubb resigning to join a private production company. Chubb had worked to revamp The 7.30 Report over the past two years but expressed his disappointment that the state-based format couldn’t be made a national program. “Essentially, it was a states’ right argument,” he told TV Week. “You have to balance the interests of the states against the national interest. It’s a very frustrating experience.” Chubb was also sorry that the show lost journalist Jill Singer, who he believed had been promoted to host Melbourne’s The 7.30 Report before being snapped up by Seven to host its new Today Tonight show in Melbourne. The matter of Singer’s last minute defection to Seven is currently with the lawyers, with ABC demanding around $50,000 as reimbursement. Despite his disappointment at losing Singer, Chubb was pleased to have journalist Sarah Henderson take over the host’s chair at 7.30. “There’s no question in my mind that we got the better end of the deal. I’ve been quite pleased at the way things have emerged.”

markmitchell_0003‘I’m a bit of a girl!’
In the children’s series Lift Off, now in a second series on ABC, Mark Mitchell (pictured) has played 34 different characters — many of them female. “I actually enjoy playing women best,” he told TV Week. “Men spend a lot of time trying to suppress the female aspects of their personalities. But I don’t feel cut off from that knowledge.” Mitchell, whose Comedy Company characters of Con the Fruiterer and his wife Marika are still popular, is also not worried by the fact that most of his characters are less than handsome. “There’s something warming about ugliness. There’s no sense of envy or alarm. Children are not as prejudiced against ugliness as adults. They interpret it differently.” He also suspects that many Lift Off viewers don’t realise he is behind so many of the characters in the show, such as Cecile de Vichyssoise, Amanda Tetra, Matron Snapper, Mrs Fish the Younger and Mrs Fish the Older. “I bet there are many adults who have watched Lift Off and don’t even realise it’s me playing all those characters.”


  • Twenty-year-old Martin Henderson has been signed up for Network Ten‘s new soapie Echo Point. The New Zealand actor had previously been seen in that country’s long-running soap Shortland Street, which has had a brief season here on SBS.
  • Former Heartbreak High star Alex Dimitriades and ex-Neighbours star Dan Falzon are to play street kids in the upcoming $6 million film The Ringer. The movie, to be shot in North Queensland, also stars Bill Hunter and Bradley Byquar, recently seen in ABC‘s Heartland.
  • hugoweavingIn The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, Hugo Weaving played a drag queen. His next role is far less flamboyant — playing the part of Liverpudlian school teacher Kenneth Pearson in ABC‘s new drama, Bordertown. The 10-part series, set in the Boringa migrant camp in the Fifties, also stars Cate Blanchett, Linda Cropper, Peta Toppano, Norman Kaye, Robert Mammone, Ray Barrett, Petru Gheorghiu, Joe Petruzzi and Christine Tremarco (pictured with Weaving), last seen in The Leaving Of Liverpool.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 12 March): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 ER Nine Thu 1770000
2 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1683000
3 Lois & Clark Seven Mon 1666000
4 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1648000
5 Very Best Of The World’s Worst Drivers II Nine Tue 1626000
6 National Nine News Nine Sun 1617000
7 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine Tue 1602000
8 The World’s Greatest Commercials Seven Sun 1577000
9 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1567000
10 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1535000
11 Money Nine Wed 1486000
12 National Nine News Nine M-F 1482000
13 Seven Nightly News Seven Sun 1481000
14 Better Homes And Gardens Seven Tue 1443000
15 Our House Nine Wed 1442000
16 MacGyver Seven Sat 1434000
17 National Nine News Nine Sat 1427000
18 The Nanny Ten Wed 1420000
19 Hey Hey It’s Saturday Nine Sat 1417000
20 Home Improvement Seven Wed 1417000

Lawrie Masterson: The View From Here:

“Are we experiencing the quiet evolution or a new cycle of drama production on Australian television? That certainly seems to be the case and, surprisingly, it is the Nine Network that is leading the way. I say “surprisingly” because Nine has long prided itself as the market leader, but drama has been one area in which it has fallen down repeatedly in recent years. While the Seven Network has been able to get Blue Heelers up, and now Fire, Nine has had more mild success with several series of Law Of The Land, Snowy and Banjo Patterson’s The Man From Snowy River. Dotted in that landscape are a few other titles that weren’t even mildly successful. Now Nine appears to have it near enough to just right with Halifax fp and The Feds. While both have been tinged with controversy over their adults-only content, each has had its own, distinct style and flavour. They are not so-called “event” television by any means, but reaction to them indicates that they have been regarded by audiences as way above the average fare.”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, April 1-7):
Saturday: The AFL premiership season starts this week with Round One highlights (6pm, Seven) hosted by Drew Morphett, featuring Geelong versus Melbourne and Richmond versus Fremantle. Recording artist Peter Gabriel is the celebrity guest in this week’s Beyond 2000 (7.30pm, Ten). The First Test, Australia versus West Indies, is live from Barbados (12am, Ten) and continues again on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday night overnight.

Sunday: Round One of AFL continues with West Coast Eagles versus St Kilda, live from Perth (2pm, Seven), followed by highlights of the Carlton versus Collingwood game at the MCG (5pm, Seven). Sunday night movies are Blindside (Seven) and Blindfold: Acts Of Obsession (Ten), with mini-series Million Dollar Babies debuting on Nine.

Monday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Fisher (Norman Coburn) makes a spectacle of himself at Shane’s (Dieter Brummer) bucks night. Healthy Wealthy And Wise (7.30pm, Ten) reports on the growth of games and educational programs on CD Rom.

Tuesday: In Fire (9.30pm, Seven), while romance develops between Nick (Peter Phelps) and Morgan (Georgie Parker), Ted (Daniel Roberts) becomes a prime suspect in the hunt for the pyromaniac.

andrewdenton_0001Wednesday: Andrew Denton (pictured) hosts The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Charity Gala (8.30pm, Seven) from Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne, including performances by Magda Szubanski, Steady Eddy, Flacco, Rachel Berger, Anthony Morgan and Emo Phillips.

Thursday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Curtis (Shane Ammann) decides to go to Italy to be with Laura (Claudia Buttazzoni). In Janus (8.30pm, ABC), Michael Kidd (Chris Haywood) defends a man charged with an ugly crime.

Friday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Cheryl (Caroline Gillmer) has some harsh words for Danni (Eliza Szonert) and tells her to smarten her act up or face losing friends. In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Ailsa (Judy Nunn) finds Curtis (Shane Ammann) in shock following Laura’s (Claudia Buttazzoni) death. AFL Today (8.30pm, Seven) begins Round Two with Fremantle versus Essendon, live from Perth.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 1 April 1995. Southdown Press



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Mar 29 2015

1995: March 25-31

tvweek_250395Cover: Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark The New Adventures Of Superman)

Home And Away pregnancy shock!
With romance in the air, the wedding of Shane and Angel (Dieter Brummer and Melissa George) in Home And Away leads to a one-night stand between best man Damian (Matt Doran) and Selina (Tempany Deckert). “Ages ago Selina made a move on Damian, but he turned her down,” Deckert told TV Week. “But when he comes back for the wedding… I think for both of them it seems the time is right.” The fling results in a pregnancy. “Originally, when they told me it was like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do it… it’s too scary’, but it’s written really well. There are a few little twists and turns. It’s not your normal teenage pregnancy.”

christinemorrissyFrom goldfields to Getaway
Western Australian TV newsreader Christine Morrissy (pictured) is now set for a national profile with her new job as a reporter for Getaway. “Getaway really is one of the best jobs on Australian television,” she told TV Week. “Then the enormity of it hit me — having to move to Sydney and make changes. The one thing I’m going to miss is my family.” Morrissy hails from the goldfields town of Kalgoorlie. After completing her degree in journalism and media at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), she worked for Perth radio station 6PR, then as newsreader for regional network GWN before joining STW9 in Perth in 1993.

dalestevensDale’s abuse anxiety
Actress Dale Stevens is understandably anxious about the Blue Heelers storyline which sees her character, Rose Egan (pictured), the victim of domestic violence. With no real life experience, Stevens had to rely largely on her imagination and her sociology reports from university to play the part. She also sought some advice from a friend who had endured domestic violence. “I hope people who have been abused are not upset with the episode,” she told TV Week. “It is an insight into what women feel when violence happens, but it also offers solutions.”


  • Former A Country Practice star Anne Tenney is making a return to TV drama with a role in Seven‘s Fire. She plays the part of art dealer Anne Risdale who pursues a relationship with the much younger firefighter Banjo (Aaron Jeffery).”It’s great the producers chose me for this,” Tenney told TV Week. “It doesn’t happen much on Australian television that there’s an older woman playing to a younger man.”
  • Craig McLachlan, now filming the series Bugs for BBC, has spoken out about his love scenes with Catherine Zeta Jones, his co-star in the American mini-series Catherine The Great. “The scenes between Catherine and I are pretty steamy,” McLachlan told TV Week. “But if anyone tells you that loves scenes are great, I’m convinced they’re full of s***. They are nerve wracking in the extreme. It’s as sexy as a stack of roof tiles!”
  • Former E Street star Toni Pearen has accepted a job as a presenter for pay TV operator Galaxy‘s new music channel.
  • Home And Away is continuing to bring back former characters in a bid to boost ratings. Latest to make a return to Summer Bay is Steven Matheson, played by Adam Willits. Willits was an original cast member when Home And Away started production in 1987 and left the show two years later.
  • David Reyne is set to host a new late night show for the Seven Network. Electric Blanket is a four-night-a-week show being described as “like The Footy Show, but for current affairs”. Reyne will be joined by a panel of guest stars, with Merv Hughes and Tim “the Demtel man” Shaw rumoured to be involved.
  • Seven has picked up the rights to screening The Elizabeth Taylor Story and the deal allows it to be aired as soon as it goes to air in the US in May. Seven, however, is likely to hold off screening it until June or July.
  • Rupert Murdoch is rumoured to be interested in purchasing a 49 per cent stake in Steve Vizard and Andrew Knight‘s production company Artist Services, producer of programs including Fast Forward, Tonight Live and Full Frontal. Vizard’s only comment on the rumour is that “any company is for sale at the right price”.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 5 March): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 ER Nine Thu 1899000
2 Movie: Passenger 57 Nine Sun 1835000
3 National Nine News Nine Sun 1826000
4 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1779000
5 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1648000
6 Lois & Clark The New Adventures Of Superman Seven Mon 1626000
7 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1619000
8 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine Tue 1613000
9 National Nine News Nine M-F 1605000
10 National Nine News Nine Sat 1594000
11 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1584000
12 Greatest Dummy Spits Nine Tue 1565000
13 Money Nine Wed 1507000
14 World’s Greatest Commercials Seven Sun 1494000
15 Burke’s Backyard Nine Fri 1491000
16 Our House Nine Wed 1488000
17 The Footy Show Nine Thu 1480000
18 The Nanny Ten Wed 1479000
19 SeaQuest DSV Ten Sun 1457000
20 Just Kidding Nine Mon 1452000

Caron James: The View From Here:

“He was known as Tricky Dickie. Former US president Richard Milhous Nixon was the brunt of thousands of jokes, cartoons, lampoons and effigies in the Seventies. “What did the president know, and when did he stop knowing it?” one comedian asked. But there was nothing amusing about Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate scandal, as a new five-part BBC series shows. Watergate, to screen weekly on ABC from March 30, is a sobering look at the downfall of a president and his administration.”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, March 25-31):
Saturday: Beyond 2000 (7.30pm, Ten) reports on new equipment to help you reach the peak of fitness — by climbing a mountain that never ends. The final of the Ansett Australia Cup (8.30pm, Seven) is live from Waverley Park, Melbourne.

amandadepledgeSunday: Live coverage of the Australian 500cc Grand Prix (11am, Nine) is hosted by Darrell Eastlake, Barry Sheene, Alan Jones and Ken Sutcliffe, joined by former 500cc Grand Prix rider Kevin Magee. Sports Tonight reporter Amanda de Pledge (pictured) hosts The Extremists (12.30pm, Ten), a new series that explores the excitement of extreme sports like sky surfing, bungee jumping, speed skiing and free-falling. Sunday night movies are Man Without A Face (Seven), The Rookie (repeat, Nine) and Used People (Ten).

Monday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Cheryl (Caroline Gillmer) has a romantic picnic organised for Lou’s (Tom Oliver) birthday. In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Shannon’s (Isla Fisher) friendship with Marcus (David Price) continues to grow. In Healthy Wealthy And Wise (7.30pm, Ten), Jim Brown travels to Queensland in search of the legendary swagman of Waltzing Matilda, who celebrates 100 years this year; and Tonia Todman shows some traditional Easter egg painting methods.

Tuesday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Mal (Benjamin McNair) is concerned about how Danni (Eliza Szonert) will feel about him being a virgin. David Letterman hosts the 67th Academy Awards (8.30pm, Nine) in a delayed telecast from Los Angeles. In Fire (9.30pm, Seven), Repo (Andy Anderson) cons Grievous (Tayler Kane) to do a strip show in front of 30 hungry women; and Nick (Peter Phelps) discovers that Morgan (Georgie Parker) is spying on the platoon.

Wednesday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Selina (Tempany Deckert) and Irene (Lynne McGrainger) resolve their differences once and for all; and Donna (Nicola Quilter) strikes out violently at Andrew (Adrian Lee).

dieterbrummermelissageorgeThursday: The half-hour special Shane And Angel — A Love Story (7.30pm, Seven) looks at Home And Away‘s teenage sweethearts (pictured). In Janus (8.30pm, ABC), Shane Hennessey (Johnathon Kernutt), the youngest of the Hennessey clan, is arrested for a vicious assault and burglary.

Friday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Philip (Ian Rawlings) finally works up the courage to ask Jen (Alyce Platt) on a date. Seven’s new football entertainment program Four Quarters (7.30pm) is hosted by Sandy Roberts, Wayne Carey, Tim Watson, Brigitte Duclos and Michael Veitch.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 25 March 1995. Southdown Press



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Mar 26 2015

1995: March 18-24

tvweek_180395Cover: Sherry Stringfield, Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle (ER)

Neighbours celebrates a perfect 10!
Celebrating its 10th birthday, Neighbours has been one of the greatest success stories of Australian television. Despite being axed by the Seven Network after six months, the show made an unprecedented move to Network Ten and has become a global hit, watched by millions in the United Kingdom and numerous other countries. The show has just been sold to Russian network TV6 and is also now screening in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. “I must say the reaction to the show, both here and overseas, is amazing,” Kimberley Davies, who plays Annalise Hartman, told TV Week.  “I am very proud to be in Neighbours. It’s done an enormous amount of good for my career.” Co-star Melissa Bell defended the show from its critics. “Even people who have acted on Neighbours have been known to say they wish they hadn’t done it,” she said. “But I believe you should never forget what started you off in the business and where you’ve come from.”

liddyclarkFire rekindles Liddy’s career
Liddy Clark, best known from series Ride On Stranger and Rafferty’s Rules, walked away from acting some years ago. But she has decided to make a brief comeback in the Seven Network‘s Fire, playing the part of arson squad chief Detective Sergeant Jean Diamond (pictured). In returning to TV after five years, she found the biggest challenge was seeing herself on screen. “All of a sudden I’m a middle-aged woman. It’s shocking how it (the face) changes, shocking! I hadn’t seen myself on screen for five years and it was a bit of a shock,” she told TV Week.

Lisa’s killer role
Lisa Hensley, whose credits include Brides Of Christ and Law Of The Land, is set to challenge her respectable, clean-cut image with the lead role in the upcoming movie Isabelle’s Diary. “I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll be getting my hair cut off to play this not very nice character,” she told TV Week. “This character kills people, so it will be a bit of a change from my roles in Brides Of Christ and Law Of The Land.”


  • It had stalled a while back, but it appears that production of the Home And Away movie is back in progress. The UK-based Portman Entertainment Group, producer of the $6 million film, is hoping for a UK release in mid-1996.
  • Police Rescue star Steve Bisley has signed on to become the new doctor in ABC‘s GP.
  • Former Heartbreak High star Alex Dimitriades is the latest name to have signed up for ABC‘s upcoming mini-series Blue Murder.
  • Seven‘s new current affairs show Today Tonight has apparently not been getting off to a great start. Rumours insist that Melbourne host Jill Singer is wishing she’d stayed put at ABC, where she was a reporter for The 7.30 Report. A Seven Network executive has reportedly also taken exception to a negative review of the show by a newspaper columnist, and has confronted the writer over the story.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 26 February): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 ER Nine Thu 1877000
2 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1716000
3 National Nine News Nine Sun 1657000
4 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1619000
5 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1615000
6 Lois & Clark The New Adventures Of Superman Seven Mon 1612000
7 Halifax fp Nine Wed 1611000
8 National Nine News Nine M-F 1586000
9 Movie: Made In America Nine Sun 1548000
10 Money Nine Wed 1542000
11 Fire Seven Tue 1536000
12 Just Kidding Nine Mon 1530000
13 Burke’s Backyard Nine Fri 1505000
14 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine Tue 1501000
15 Our House Nine Wed 1443000
16 National Nine News Nine Sat 1440000
17 World’s Greatest Commercials Seven Sun 1424000
18 Seinfeld Ten Tue 1402000
19 Wild Life Nine Thu 1383000
20 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1370000

Lawrie Masterson: The View From Here:

“The Nine Network‘s spat with cable operator Galaxy and federal Communications Minister Michael Lee is just the opening salvo in a war that is likely to rage for years as more subscriber TV operators enter the marketplace (there’s no doubt, either, that some will exit fairly ingloriously). As usual in these situations, unfortunately, it won’t be the free-to-air networks or the subscriber operators who are the biggest winners or losers, as the case may be. It will be you and me… and right now we’re not looking like winners, are we?”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, March 18-24):
Saturday: Rugby League (3.30pm, ABC) features Illawarra versus Auckland Warriors. Cricket makes a rare appearance on Ten with the One Day International, West Indies versus Australia (12.30am), live from Guyana. Commentators include David Hookes, Mike Coward and Michael Holding.

Sunday: Sunday night movies are True Colors (Seven), Crocodile Dundee (repeat, Nine) and Miller’s Crossing (Ten).

neighbours_1985_robinson_0001Monday: Children’s series The Ferals (5pm, ABC) returns for its second series — featuring Rattus the Rat, Derryn the Dog, Modigliana the Cat and Mixy the Rabbit and their neighbours Leonard (Brian Rooney) and Robbie (Kylle Hogart). The two-hour special Neighbours 10th Anniversary (8.30pm, Ten) celebrates Australia’s most successful drama series, featuring original cast members Anne Haddy and Stefan Dennis (pictured with Kylie Flinker in 1985) and fellow castmates including Anne Charleston and Melissa Bell.

Tuesday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Helen (Anne Haddy) and Reuben’s (James Condon) love intensifies. In GP (8.30pm, ABC), William’s (Michael Craig) attempts to comfort Eva (Sue Walker) after the death of her husband, end in rejection. In Fire (9.30pm, Seven), war is declared between the firies and the police when the arson squad invade South East and interviews the members of the platoon.

shaneammannWednesday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Shannon (Isla Fisher) discovers that Curtis (Shane Ammann, pictured) and Laura (Claudia Buttazzoni) are wanted by the police. In Halifax fp (8.30pm, Nine), a school teacher dies mysteriously and a student is brutally murdered at a prestigious private boys’ boarding school. Jane Halifax (Rebecca Gibney) discovers a school stepped in history but now harbouring a dark secret as a psychopath walks its hallowed halls.

Thursday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Philip (Ian Rawlings) goes on a blind date. In Wild Life With Olivia Newton-John (7.30pm, Nine), reporter Simon Reeve reports from Texas on the miniature horses being bred at the monastery of St Clare.

Friday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Shannon (Isla Fisher) faces her fears and offers the hand of friendship to Marcus (David Price). Seven presents a Star Trek movie double — Star Trek IV and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 18 March 1995. Southdown Press





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Mar 25 2015

Seven signs 2016 Paralympics Games deal

7_2000sThe Seven Network has secured rights to broadcast the 2016 Paralympic Games from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The deal, which includes broadcast and subscription television, radio, online, mobile and Hybrid Broadband Broadcast, makes it the first time the Paralympic Games have been covered by Australian commercial television.

They have traditionally been broadcast on ABC.

Seven is promising 14 hours a day of Paralympics coverage across its broadcast and online platforms.

The Games will be held in September 2016. Australia is expected to send 185 athletes to compete in 15 sports. At the last Paralympics, in London 2012, Australia came fourth in the overall medal tally with 32 gold, 23 silver and 30 bronze.

The Seven Network has already secured broadcast rights to the 2016 and 2020 Summer Olympic Games and 2018 Commonwealth Games.



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Mar 25 2015

Obituary: Stephen Phillips

stephenphillipsVeteran sports journalist, writer and producer Stephen Phillips has died at the age of 62. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumour last year.

His career started covering sport, primarily football, for the print media in the 1970s. He joined HSV7 in 1979 as a reporter and presenter, appearing on programs including Seven National News and World Of Sport.

He went on to head Seven’s London bureau in 1985.

Phillips then moved across to the Nine Network and worked in radio at 3AK.

He later returned to Seven in the early 1990s, being involved in the network’s Olympic Games coverage in 1992 and 1996 and reporting for Seasons.

He was one of the four founders of what is now the AFL Media Association and a member of the MCG Media Hall of Fame.

Since 1996 he ran a media production company and worked as an MC and corporate speaker.

Stephen Phillips is survived by wife Jill and children Grace and Tom.

Source: AFL, Herald Sun, LinkedIn





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Mar 22 2015

TV Week Logie Awards — Nominations

Logie_2015TV Week has this afternoon announced the nominations for the 57th annual TV Week Logie Awards — to be held in Melbourne on Sunday 3 May.

As per usual custom the awards are divided between Most Popular (publicly-voted) and Most Outstanding (industry-voted) categories.

The recipient of this year’s TV Week Logie Awards‘ Hall Of Fame is still to be announced.

The Nine Network‘s Love Child leads the charge with seven nominations, while Seven’s INXS: Never Tear Us Apart has scored six nominations. Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year: South America has four nominations — including Gold Logie nominations for both Hamish Blake and Andy Lee.

Among SBS’ nominations are three for NITV (Marngrook Footy Show, Move It Mob Style and NITV News) and one for SBS2 (The Feed).


Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year: South America)
Asher Keddie (Offspring, Party Tricks)
Carrie Bickmore (The Project)
Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year: South America)
Scott Cam (The Block)
Stephen Peacocke (Home And Away)

Last year’s winner: Scott Cam


Chris Lilley (Jonah From Tonga)
Craig McLachlan (The Doctor Blake Mysteries)
Josh Thomas (Please Like Me)
Luke Arnold (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart)
Stephen Peacocke (Home And Away)

Last year’s winner: Chris Lilley


Asher Keddie (Offspring, Party Tricks)
Bonnie Sveen (Home And Away)
Jessica Marais (Carlotta, Love Child)
Julia Morris (House Husbands)
Mandy McElhinney (Love Child)

Last year’s winner: Asher Keddie


Amanda Keller (The Living Room)
Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year: South America)
Carrie Bickmore (The Project)
Grant Denyer (Family Feud)
Karl Stefanovic (Today)

Last year’s winner: Scott Cam


Harriet Dyer (Love Child)
Laura Brent (ANZAC Girls, INXS: Never Tear Us Apart)
Miranda Tapsell (Love Child)
Samantha Jade (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart)
Olympia Valance (Neighbours)

Last year’s winner: Bonnie Sveen


Home And Away (Seven)
House Husbands (Nine)
INXS: Never Tear Us Apart (Seven)
Love Child (Nine)
Offspring (Ten)

Last year’s winner: Home And Away


Better Homes And Gardens (Seven)
Getaway (Nine)
Grand Designs Australia (Lifestyle/Foxtel)
Selling Houses Australia (Lifestyle/Foxtel)
The Living Room (Ten)

Last year’s winner: Better Homes And Gardens


Marngrook Footy Show (NITV)
The AFL Footy Show (Nine)
The Cricket Show (Nine)
The NRL Footy Show (Nine)
Wide World Of Sport (Nine)

Last year’s winner: The NRL Footy Show


Big Brother (Nine)
Bondi Rescue (Ten)
Bondi Vet (Ten)
My Kitchen Rules (Seven)
The Block (Nine)

Last year’s winner: My Kitchen Rules


Family Feud (Ten)
Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year: South America (Nine)
Sunrise (Seven)
The Project (Ten)
The Voice (Nine)

Last year’s winner: Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year



Danielle Cormack (Wentworth)
Denise Roberts (Schapelle)
Jessica Marais (Carlotta)
Marta Dusseldorp (Janet King)
Nicole da Silva (Wentworth)

Last year’s winner: Asher Keddie


Ashley Zukerman (The Code)
John Noble (Devil’s Playground)
Luke Arnold (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart)
Martin Henderson (Secrets And Lies)
Richard Roxburgh (Rake)

Last year’s winner: Lachy Hulme


Brandon McClelland (ANZAC Girls)
Harriet Dyer (Love Child)
Miranda Tapsell (Love Child)
Silvia Colloca (Made In Italy With Silvia Colloca)
Troy Kinne (Kinne)

Last year’s winner: Remy Hii


Bushwhacked (ABC3)
Move It Mob Style (NITV)
Nowhere Boys (ABC3)
Tashi (7TWO)
The Worst Year Of My Life, Again (ABC3)

Last year’s winner: Nowhere Boys


2014 FIFA World Cup (SBS One)
Emirates Melbourne Cup Carnival (Seven)
KFC T20 Big Bash League (Ten)
Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 (Seven)
Toyota AFL Grand Final (Seven)

Last year’s winner: 2013 Emirates Melbourne Cup Carnival


Brilliant Creatures (ABC)
Changing Minds (ABC)
Coast Australia (History/Foxtel)
First Contact (SBS One)
The War That Changed Us (ABC)

Last year’s winner: Kings Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital


“Banking Bad”, Four Corners (ABC)
Ian Thorpe: The Parkinson Interview (Ten)
“Ice Towns”, The Feed (SBS2)
“Joining The Fight”, Insight (SBS One)
“Searching For C11″, Australian Story (ABC)

Last year’s winner: “Prisoner X – The Australian Connection”, Foreign Correspondent


“Lindt Café Siege”, Seven News (Seven)
“Moree”, NITV News (NITV)
“Peter Greste Trial”, ABC News (ABC)
“Sydney Siege”, Nine News (Nine)
“What Is Metadata”, Sky News (Foxtel)

Last year’s winner: “NSW Bushfires”, Nine News


Black Comedy (ABC)
Legally Brown (SBS One)
Please Like Me (ABC)
Upper Middle Bogan (ABC)
Utopia (ABC)

Last year’s winner: n/a


Bogan Hunters (7mate)
Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (ABC)
The Chaser’s Media Circus (ABC)
The Checkout (ABC)
The Voice (Nine)

Last year’s winner: Housos


Carlotta (ABC)
Devil’s Playground (Showcase/Foxtel)
INXS: Never Tear Us Apart (Seven)
The Broken Shore (ABC)

Last year’s winner: Top Of The Lake


Janet King (ABC)
Puberty Blues (Ten)
Rake (ABC)
The Code (ABC)
Wentworth (Soho/Foxtel)

Last year’s winner: Redfern Now

The 57th annual TV Week Logie Awards will be telecast on the Nine Network.






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Mar 20 2015

1995: March 11-17

tvweek_110395Fashionably fiery!
Women are making a comeback to leading roles on television — with Georgie Parker and Lisa McCune (pictured) starring in Fire and Blue Heelers respectively. Joining them are Rebecca Gibney (Halifax fp), Angie Milliken (The Feds) and Deborra-Lee Furness (coming soon in the ABC series Correlli). “The funny thing is we’re doing a turnaround,” Parker told TV Week. “Back to the Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn-type roles that were often villainesses. We’re actually returning to that era where it was just like a given that a great role could be played by a man or a woman. It’s a brave move for a lot of producers to have a woman character and not make her just the love interest or the victim.”

Gladiators captures Aaron
Blackout presenter Aaron Pedersen has quit the ABC and signed on as co-host of the Seven Network‘s new game show Gladiators. “I resigned specifically because I’d feel uncomfortable taking leave, promoting Gladiators and going back to the ABC. I’d like to do my own thing,” he told TV Week. Pedersen will join Kimberley Joseph, who controversially signed on to Gladiators just after starting work on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. “It was a huge decision,” she told TV Week. “Gladiators is going to put me up there and give me a chance to show my true colours and ability. Seven has offered me security. I’m pleased with my decision.” The 13-episode series will be produced at Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre and screen on Seven mid-year, up against Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

liftoffThe growing pains of kids’ TV
More than 300 of the major players in children’s television from around the world will be in Melbourne this month, attending the five-day World Summit on Television and Children. The summit will address a wide-ranging list of concerns, including current standards and importance of children’s television, government support in terms of subsidies and regulation, the effect of the information superhighway, commercialism and violence on TV. For the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), hosting the summit is a recognition from the global TV industry of the success of Australian-made children’s television — with programs like Lift Off (pictured), Round The Twist and Winners sold to more than 90 countries and winning many international awards. “The awareness internationally of what is going on in Australia with children’s television is very high,” ACTF chairwoman Janet Holmes a Court told TV Week. The advent of new technologies and its impact on children is also to be discussed. “Our children can be plugged into all sorts of things and everybody is talking about what you can do and how you will be able to do it. But I don’t think enough people are addressing what will come out when kids do plug in,” said ACTF director Patricia Edgar.


  • rebeccagibney_0005Rebecca Gibney (pictured), fresh from filming of the six Halifax fp telemovies for Nine, will be appearing soon in a guest role on ABC‘s GP. She will be playing the part of a distraught and dishevelled woman who gives birth to a stillborn child. “I’ll be playing that with no make-up and it will be very emotional, very traumatic and very different from Jane Halifax, who is very calm and sophisticated,” Gibney told TV Week.
  • Peter Phelps, currently appearing in Fire, is taking on the role of criminal “Abo” Henry in the two-part ABC series, Blue Murder.
  • Rumours of ABC taking over Heartbreak High from Network Ten have been denied — but there may more to the story. A spokesperson from ABC has admitted that cast from the show had been approached for a new series.
  • nictestoniadrianleeFormer Over The Hill stars Nic Testoni and Adrian Lee (pictured) will be joining Home And Away in extended guest roles. Testoni may also be familiar to younger viewers as a reporter on the former Network Ten show Level 23.
  • Talk To The Animals reporter and self-confessed Star Trek fan Richard Fitzgerald has travelled to the US to interview William Shatner at his farm where he keeps champion American saddlebreeds. “When I arrived, he came galloping up to me wearing a cowboy hat and it took everything within me not to call him Captain Kirk,” Fitzgerald told TV Week.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 19 February): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 ER Nine Thu 1916000
2 National Nine News Nine Sun 1674000
3 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman Seven Mon 1657000
4 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1608000
5 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1590000
6 World’s Greatest Commercials Seven Sun 1544000
7 Fire Seven Tue 1532000
8 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1525000
9 National Nine News Nine Sat 1523000
10 National Nine News Nine M-F 1500000
11 The X Files Ten Wed 1497000
12 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1483000
13 Movie: The Crying Game Seven Sun 1475000
14 SeaQuest DSV Ten Sun 1465000
15 The Nanny Ten Wed 1443000
16 Our House Nine Wed 1421000
17 Mad About You Ten Tue 1416000
18 Movie: Buried Alive Ten Mon 1414000
19 Burke’s Backyard Nine Fri 1408000
20 Seinfeld Ten Tue 1408000

Lawrie Masterson: The View From Here:

roundthetwist“A massive satellite dish on which to go in-line skating, right there in the backyard? What more could a teenager want? A space tracking station where teens and even pre-teens have free rein to log in to the computer systems and such? Even better… just about approaching perfection, in fact. Welcome to the world of Sky Trackers, the latest effort from the trail-blazing Australian Children’s Television Foundation. The series has its premiere here two days after the completion of the World Summit on Television and Children in Melbourne. Sky Trackers has already been sold everywhere from Iceland to Indonesia, and it will do nothing to harm the glowing reputation forged by the foundation through series such as Round The Twist (pictured) and Lift Off. The cast is excellent, particularly the teenagers Petra Jared as science-crazy Nikki Colbert and Zbych Trofimiuk as Mike Masters, whose scientific interests range about as far as a Jimi Hendrix lick.”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, 11-17 March)
Saturday: The Australian Rugby League (3.30pm, ABC) features the match between reigning premiers the Canberra Raiders and the South Queensland Crushers. The Sydney basketball match in the Magic Johnson All-Stars versus Australia tour is telecast live (9pm, SBS).

Sunday: The Athletics 2000 special On Track (6pm, ABC) profiles Australia’s hopefuls for the 2000 Olympic Games, including Cathy Freeman, Melinda Gainsford, Kyle Vander-Kup, Tim Forsyth, Alison Inverarity and Brenda Hanigan. Sunday night movies are Boiling Point (Seven), My Girl (repeat, Nine) and Big (repeat, Ten).

annehaddy_0003Monday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Helen (Anne Haddy, pictured) is instantly attracted to the newcomer in the neighbourhood. In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Angel’s (Melissa George) inexperience with the wheelchair makes her frustrated and upset.

Tuesday: In Blue Heelers (8.30pm, Seven), Alex Bailey (Peter Hosking) returns to town after serving 10 years in jail for murder. He claims he only wants to see his son, but his presence keeps the police busy calming domestics and investigating a spate of burglaries. In Fire (9.30pm, Seven), the pyromaniac strikes again.

Wednesday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Helen (Anne Haddy) feels like a teenage girl before her big date. In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Shannon (Isla Fisher) wants Curtis (Shane Ammann) to be careful of Laura (Claudia Buttazzoni). In Deception (8.30pm, Nine), the next telemovie in The Feds, one policeman dies and another faces the end of her career when she becomes too close to the man she is trying to put behind bars.

Thursday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Philip’s (Ian Rawlings) depression heads him in the direction of a dating club. In Janus (8.30pm, ABC), Michael Kidd (Chris Haywood) attempts to discredit Sen-Sgt Peter Faithful (Simon Westaway).

Friday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Angel (Melissa George) takes her first triumphant step.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 11 March 1995. Southdown Press




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Mar 18 2015

Neighbours — I said it wouldn’t last

neighbours_1985_0003It was 30 years ago — 18 March 1985 — and, after much promotion, Seven‘s new drama series Neighbours was making its debut.

The first episode made a rather cryptic entrance, straight into a dream sequence, as Danny Ramsay (David Clencie) finds himself surrounded by family and neighbours who take great delight in laughing at him in the middle of the street at night. Recurring nightmares seem to be plaguing the youngest Ramsay, with the theme tending to be the focus of his older brother, Shane (Peter O’Brien), who is his father Max’s (Francis Bell) pride and joy training to be an Olympic diver.

neighbours_1985_0004Meanwhile, on the eve of his wedding, Des Clarke (Paul Keane, pictured) was having his buck’s night at his home at 28 Ramsay Street. Daphne Lawrence (Elaine Smith, pictured) was called in as the stripper but the confines of the early timeslot had to leave a lot to the imagination.

Meanwhile, nervous bride-to-be Lorraine Kingham (Antionette Byron) was having a heart to heart with bridesmaid Julie Robinson (Vikki Blanche). Next thing we knew Lorraine and her parents were on Des’s doorstep first thing the next morning to announce the wedding was off. Cue Daphne’s re-appearance at the house and awkwardness ensues. Lorraine suspects Daphne had stayed the night (she hadn’t), while Mr Kingham (James Taylor) recognises her as a former receptionist at his firm who had been pursuing a case of sexual harassment against him.

So, after watching that first episode, I made the call: “Yeah, it’s OK, but it will never last.”


The Ramsays: Shane (Peter O’Brien), Max (Francis Bell), Maria (Dasha Blahova) and Danny (David Clencie)

How wrong I was. Although in my defence I was actually almost spot on, as Seven had axed the show a few months later following mediocre ratings in Sydney. In the harbour city Neighbours had been slotted at 5.30pm up against Perfect Match, a game show getting huge ratings that most prime time shows would have killed for. With the series getting modest but sustainable ratings in Melbourne (at 6.00pm) it became a victim of network politics. The member stations of the Seven Network eventually sided with Sydney’s assertion that there wasn’t room for three soaps in the schedule — and that Sons And Daughters and A Country Practice (both Sydney-based productions) were still doing OK. So the Melbourne-based Neighbours got the chop.


The Robinsons: (top l to r) Paul (Stefan Dennis), Helen Daniels (Anne Haddy), (bottom l to r) Scott (Darius Perkins), Julie (Vikki Blanche), Jim (Alan Dale) and Lucy (Kylie Flinker)

And who was to predict that while Seven was preparing to turn Ramsay Street into TV landfill, the show’s producers were pitching it to Network Ten. Although Ten had established itself as a leader in big budget mini-series its cupboard of ongoing dramas was decidedly bare — with only Prisoner in production and its time was almost up.

Ten’s pick up of Neighbours made front page news as it was the first time an axed series was to be revived by another network. It was a major gamble that didn’t pay immediate dividends, again with Sydney audiences struggling to show an interest. The eventual star power of young talent including Jason Donovan, Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce and Annie Jones, coupled with some clever public relations eventually saw Neighbours spark a response in Sydney.


January 1986: Neighbours debuts on Ten

Even with this renewed interest in the show, at best it was only expected to have a few years in it. At the time most Australian soaps tended to fizzle out after five or six years.

Even when the BBC bought the series for a daytime timeslot, still nobody could have foreseen the potential for Neighbours’ longevity. But then it was given the higher profile timeslot of 5.30pm. The little show from Melbourne that had already been axed once was suddenly watched by 20 million viewers across the UK and had bumped local dramas Coronation Street and EastEnders from top spot in the ratings. Neighbours went on to become a global phenomenon with sales to over 50 countries, dubbed into numerous languages and making superstars of its cast — not just in Australia and the UK but also in Hollywood.

From that point it seemed that my earlier prediction was certainly proven wrong. Neighbours was here to stay. It has managed to survive more channel changes — as it was taken over by Channel 5 in the UK in 2008 and shifted to Ten’s secondary channel Eleven in 2011.

Today, more than 7000 episodes on, it clocks up its 30th anniversary. Its audience numbers are not what they once were but the show continues to earn its place in Australian and British popular culture.

Neighbours has commemorated its 30th milestone with former cast members returning — including Paul Keane who played the jilted fiancé in the first episode.

Network Ten also paid tribute on Monday night with the special Neighbours 30th Anniversary: The Stars Reunite, featuring interviews with past and present cast members and some of the highlights, and possible lowlights, of the most famous street in Australia. The special will soon be available on DVD.


Neighbours turns 30


Neighbours currently screens weeknights at 6.30pm and repeated from 2.30pm Sunday on Eleven.

Source: TV Week, 16 March 1985.





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Mar 15 2015

1995: March 4-10

tvweek_040395Cover: Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue

Kimberley swaps sides
Hey Hey It’s Saturday‘s plans to secure Kimberley Joseph for an on-air role (reported two weeks ago) have come undone. The former Paradise Beach star had already taped a segment ahead of Hey Hey‘s scheduled return for 1995, but two days before the show was to return to screen her management advised that she had now signed with rival Seven Network for its new show Gladiators. Joseph’s management said that no contract had been signed with Somers Carroll, the production company behind HHIS, and that Seven and Gladiators had made a firm offer. Gladiators, described as It’s A Knockout with testosterone, is to be produced in Brisbane and is likely to be slotted on Saturday nights up against Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Curry adds spice to Neighbours
Bernard Curry, last seen on TV in Nine‘s Snowy, is the latest cast addition to Neighbours. He joins the series as Luke Handley, the younger brother of Jen (Alyce Platt). “I am rapt that I got the part, because I knew that there was a lot of real competition,” he told TV Week. “A lot of people might say that something like this might be bad for a serious actor’s career, but I don’t think that’s true by any means. It’s a personal thing — some people might say it’s bad for them, but it’s not for me.”

heathermitchellHeather spells trouble!
Playing the part of a villainous power-monger in the children’s series Spellbinder has been a delight for actress Heather Mitchell (pictured), who is normally used to playing “nice” roles in shows like A Country Practice and GP. “It’s wonderful to play an obsessive, jealous creature driven by envy and be able to be really rude to kids and hand out punishment all the time,” she laughed. “It certainly brings out a very interesting side to me.” Spellbinder, which is to screen on Nine later in the year, included three months of filming in Poland. Co-stars in the series include former GP star Brian Rooney and Polish actor Rafal Zwierz (pictured, far right).


  • The Nine Network is believed to be looking for a replacement co-host for Just Kidding. Sofie Formica is now based in the US and working on entertainment show Extra. Neighbours star Kimberley Davies is one name being discussed as a possible replacement.
  • New Zealand comics Rima Te Wiata and Jennifer Ward-Lealand have quit the Seven Network comedy series Full Frontal. Ward-Lealand has scored a role in the upcoming NZ production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, while Te Wiata is looking to move away from comedy into other areas of theatre and performance.
  • It appears Graeme ‘Shirley’ Strahan and the Nine Network have made amends following his resignation from Our House. Now based in Brisbane, where he presents breakfast radio, Strahan is now back in the show and will be filming his Our House stories in Brisbane.
  • The Ten Network is looking at two new projects. A new dating show is in development with producers Beyond International, while a sports magazine show, titled The Extremists, has gone into pilot stage.
  • Nine may not be happy about an upcoming 60 Minutes story promising to go behind the scenes of Sale Of The Century. 60 Minutes‘ motive for the story is not known, and reporter Charles Wooley recently interviewed former Sale host Tony Barber for the story, not current host Glenn Ridge.
  • Derryn Hinch is planning a forum-style studio debate to be taped in Melbourne for the Nine Network. The project has the working title Battle Of The Sexes.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 12 February): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 ER Nine Thu 1862000
2 Movie: Under Siege Nine Mon 1748000
3 National Nine News Nine Sun 1739000
4 World’s Greatest TV Commercials Seven Sun 1671000
5 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1669000
6 Fire Seven Tue 1632000
7 The Best/Worst Of Red Faces Nine Mon 1586000
8 The Great Outdoors Seven Tue 1577000
9 National Nine News Nine M-F 1562000
10 Lois & Clark The New Adventures Of Superman Seven Mon 1522000
11 Hey Hey It’s Saturday Nine Sat 1503000
12 Better Homes And Gardens Seven Tue 1494000
13 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1489000
14 The Nanny Ten Wed 1483000
15 Wild Life Nine Thu 1474000
16 The X Files Ten Wed 1468000
17 SeaQuest DSV Ten Sun 1442000
18 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1406000
19 Money Nine Wed 1384000
20 Our House Nine Wed 1360000

Lawrie Masterson: The View From Here:

“I thought I’d heard just about all there was to hear about the trial of the year-decade-century. O J Simpson… for goodness sake, I even knew what the O J stood for. The coverage had reached such a pitch that we were even seeing the media doing stories on itself. Enough, I thought… and then I went to New York. The term “overkill”… suddenly took on a whole new meaning. And then I went to Los Angeles. Overkill does not even rate a mention in the dictionary there, not where the trial of O J Simpson is concerned, anyway. On a recent Saturday afternoon, I flicked on the TV in my hotel room in LA, and was confronted with not one, but three, animal behaviour experts. No, this was not a Talk To The Animals type of show or a discussion of how to stuff Fluffy using the doormat to sharpen her claws, but a full-on debate about the O J Simpson trial. The animal behaviour experts agreed on one thing — the demeanour of the late Nicole Brown Simpson‘s dog could have a heavy impact on the trial outcome. CNN officials are reported as saying their daytime ratings are eight times higher than average. Another, the E! Entertainment cable network, say its daytime audience has tripled. KTTV‘s Simpson: Day In Court, a regular noon wrap-up of proceedings, and KNBC‘s O J Simpson: The Trial, at 7.30pm, also are big winners.”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, March 4-10):
Saturday: The Ansett Australia Cup continues with Sydney Swans versus Hawthorn (2pm, Seven) and Melbourne versus West Coast Eagles (8.30pm, Seven). Beyond 2000 (7.30pm, Ten) reports on a jungle project to secure the future of endangered orangutans in Indonesia; and learning Shakespeare by karaoke!

Sunday: The Ansett Australia Cup (1pm, Seven) features Adelaide Crows versus Geelong. British comedian Julian Clary and ABC broadcasters David Marr and Angela Catterns host the one-hour coverage of the 1995 Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras (8.30pm, ABC), with Elle McFeast (Libbi Gorr) presenting on-the-street reports from the parade. Sunday night movies are Stalking Laura (Seven), Passenger 57 (Nine) and Sneakers (Ten).

Monday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Ren (Raelee Hill) and Marlene (Moya O’Sullivan) have a falling out. In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Angel (Melissa George) is determined to fight for her son.

damianrice_0002Tuesday: In GP (8.30pm, ABC), Martin (Damian Rice, pictured) treats a Yugoslav woman who has been tortured and seeking refugee status. In Fire (9.30pm, Seven), while bushfires circle the city, Banjo (Aaron Jeffery) becomes seriously disturbed, which leads Morgan (Georgie Parker) to question him.

Wednesday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is torn between being a teacher and a mother.

Thursday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Dylan (Corey Glaister) finally knows the truth about his relationship with Angel (Melissa George). In Wild Life With Olivia Newton-John (7.30pm, Nine), Olivia Newton-John visits San Diego Wild Animal Park, and reporter Samantha Kume discovers Japan’s cute snow monkeys. In Janus (8.30pm, ABC), the Tactical Response Squad face the glare of media limelight with the inquest into the shooting of Steve Hennessey (Leon Teague).

Friday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Cody (Peta Brady) and Rick (Dan Falzon) finally say goodbye as Rick heads to Darwin. The Melbourne match of the Magic Johnson All-Stars versus Australia tour is televised live (7.30pm, SBS).

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 4 March 1995. Southdown Press




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Mar 12 2015

1995: February 25-March 3

tvweek_250295Cover: Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement)

Brown set for Blue Murder with Sweet
Gary Sweet will be back on the Seven Network for more Cody telemovies but has also signed on for a role on ABC‘s upcoming two-part mini-series, Blue Murder. Sweet will play Sydney criminal Christopher Dale Flannery. “The fact that it’s topical and a look at the low-life of the Eighties, makes it more interesting,” he told TV Week. “It’s also exciting to be reunited with director Michael Jenkins, who I’ve worked with before.” Negotiations are continuing for Bryan Brown to sign on for the project. Blue Murder also stars Tony Martin (E Street, Heartbreak High) and Steve Bastoni (Police Rescue).

The new avengers
ABC‘s consumer affairs program The Investigators has been revamped as it returns for the new year. Joining Helen Wellings and Inga Johansen will be new reporters Sean Murphy, Katrina Byers, Ros Thomas and ABC radio broadcaster Jon Faine. The show will feature new segments, including We Fixed It, Consumer Watch, Law Watch, Product Watch and Money Watch. Wellings has told TV Week that the need for a show like The Investigators has not waned. “We are basically a consumer affairs bureau. We are still getting our 500 complaints every week. That shows that people really need help. They need that guidance and support that we offer, because they don’t have anywhere else to go.”

damianwalshehowlingAdam’s AIDS scare
Damian Walshe-Howling (pictured) is set for his first major Blue Heelers storyline since joining the series. His character, Adam Cooper, has to deal with the possibility that he may be HIV positive. In a story spanning three episodes, Cooper is bitten by a man he is trying to arrest. He thinks little of the incident at first but later finds out that the man is HIV positive. He is faced with a three month wait to find out if he has the virus.


  • Brett Swain, the actor who plays criminal Mal Hennessey in Janus, will soon be appearing in Blue Heelers. This time he is on the right side of the law, playing Detective Senior-Constable Stewart Walsh in a guest appearance.
  • Elle Macpherson‘s sister Mimi is being pursued by the Nine Network and one of the pay TV providers. A guest appearance on Burke’s Backyard has led to her being offered an ongoing role with the show but a deal is still being negotiated to incorporate both Burke’s Backyard and pay TV commitments.
  • Steve Jacobs was truly surprised when his show Just Kidding reached the top of the ratings during 1994. “It’s a dream,” he told TV Week. “To top those shows like 60 Minutes and ACA, well, it’s just pretty ridiculous, isn’t it? I always thought it would work, but I never thought it would take off like this.” Jacobs and co-host Sofie Formica have already taped their episodes of Just Kidding for the year, freeing up both for other projects.
  • 60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley says that despite his recent interview with former prime minister Bob Hawke and companion Blanche d’Alpuget, he would prefer not to be involved in chequebook journalism but concedes it’s a reality of the business. “It’s corporate money, it was a hard-headed investment by the Nine Network management. I didn’t even know how much was invested — still don’t,” he told TV Week. “I do suspect in terms of the ratings, the money accrued in revenue made for a cheap investment. Nine could not have afforded to see that story go to air on another network. And they certainly wouldn’t want Neil Mercer, whose show (Today Tonight) is obviously struggling already, to have a free kick.”

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 5 February): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 National Nine News Nine Sun 2212000
2 The Simpsons Ten Wed 1667000
3 The Nanny Ten Wed 1633000
4 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1610000
5 National Nine News Nine M-F 1597000
6 The Great Outdoors Seven Tue 1456000
7 Wild Life Nine Thu 1455000
8 The X Files Ten Wed 1448000
9 Better Homes And Gardens Seven Tue 1411000
10 National Nine News Nine Sat 1376000
11 Baywatch Ten Sun 1362000
12 Mad About You Ten Tue 1348000
13 Seinfeld Ten Tue 1328000
14 Movie: Outrageous Fortune Seven Sun 1294000
15 Seven Nightly News Seven M-F 1261000
16 Talk To The Animals Seven Sun 1246000
17 Sale Of The Century Nine T,W 1226000
18 SeaQuest DSV Ten Sun 1187000
19 The Byrds Of Paradise Ten Mon 1164000
20 The Hypnotic World Of Paul McKenna Seven Sun 1152000

Darren Devlyn: The View From Here:

“(Rebecca) Gibney is outstanding in Halifax fp, which is certain to be one of the most compelling pieces of Australian television this year. While Gibney has proven dramatic and comedic abilities in projects such as Come In Spinner, The Flying Doctors and All Together Now, the Halifax fp telemovies are a perfect showcase for her talents.”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, February 25-March 3):
Saturday: Heart transplant recipient Fiona Coote is featured in Beyond 2000 (7.30pm, Ten). The Ansett Australia Cup (8.30pm, Seven) features Carlton versus Richmond at Waverley Park, Melbourne.

Sunday: The Ansett Australia Cup (1pm, Seven) features Melbourne versus Brisbane at Waverley Park. Bill Woods hosts live coverage of the women’s and men’s triathlon from St Kilda, Melbourne (3pm, Ten). Sunday night movies are Consenting Adults (Seven), Made In America (Nine) and A League Of Their Own (repeat, Ten).

Monday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Shane (Dieter Brummer) finally forgives Alf (Ray Meagher). Healthy Wealthy And Wise (7.30pm, Ten) features a trip around Sydney Harbour in an old wooden ferry; a review of the Volkswagen Ecomatic, a car which reduces pollution; and Iain Hewitson makes a pork dish with a banana chutney.

elainesmith_0001Tuesday: Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show (7.30pm, Nine) celebrates its 200th show with a guest appearance by Geoff Harvey and a 20-piece brass band. Former Neighbours star Elaine Smith (pictured) guest stars in GP (8.30pm, ABC).

Wednesday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Angel’s (Melissa George) attempt to walk leaves her lying helpless and frightened. Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton return for a new series of The Movie Show (7.30pm, SBS). The Ansett Australia Cup (8.30pm, Seven) features Collingwood versus Footscray, live from Waverley Park. In The Feeding, the latest Halifax fp telemovie (8.30pm, Nine), Jane (Rebecca Gibney) puts her life on the line to stop a serial killer’s reign of terror.

Thursday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Angel (Melissa George) begins to sink into despair, and Mary (Carole Skinner) cleverly edges her way into the Stewart house. In Janus (8.30pm, ABC), with the Hennesseys out of money, Michael Kidd (Chris Haywood) is forced to look after other cases to maintain his expensive lifestyle.

Friday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Nicole drops a bombshell on Jack (Daniel Amalm). The 37th Annual Grammy Awards (8.30pm, Seven) are presented in a delayed telecast from the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 25 February 1995. Southdown Press




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