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Monday 7 June 1982 — DARWIN

Television did not arrive in Darwin until 1971 with two stations ABD6 (ABC) and commercial station NTD8.

SBS expanded to Darwin in 1994 and the second commercial station, Seven Darwin, arrived in 1998.

Source: Woman’s Day, TV Day, 8 June 1982


abc_1975_bw ntd8_1980s_bw
7AM 7.30am Sesame Street
8AM 8.30 Play School
9AM For Schools programs appear between 9.40am and 12pm
12PM 12.05pm Weekend Magazine (Rpt)
12.30 ABC News, Weather
1PM For Schools programs appear between 1.05pm and 2.30pm
2PM 2.30 Sesame Street
3PM 3.30 Play School
4PM 4pm Dr Snuggles
4.05 Mr Squiggle And Friends
4.35 Battle Of The Planets
5PM 5pm Earthwatch
5.28 News Headlines
5.30 Laff A Bits
5.35 The Banana Splits
5pm Tom And Jerry
5.30 Matchmates
6PM 6pm Doctor Who
6.25 Videodisc
6.30 ABC News
6pm Sale Of The Century
6.30 The Young Doctors
6.59 Program Lineup
7PM  7pm A Fine Romance
7.25 Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em
7.55 Nationwide
7pm Spectrum
7.30 The Greatest American Hero
8PM  8.25 Minder 8.30 The Rockford Files
9PM  9.20 ABC News, Weather
9.30 Jazz In Stereo
9.35 Not The Nine O’Clock News
10PM  10.25 Close 10pm The Don Lane Show
11PM  11.30 Close

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