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Before sending an email please consider the following most frequently asked question — the answer to your query could be here and is quicker than waiting for an email reply

Q: How can I obtain a copy of TV program [title]?

A: Unfortunately, individual episodes of TV programs are not usually released to the public for reasons of copyright and also because a lot of older programs are no longer kept by TV stations, or maintained in a format that is compatible with current equipment.  I can only suggest that you contact the television station that originally produced the program (a list of addresses can be found below) or contact the National Film and Sound Archive. But, again, without permission of the copyright holder(s) — and some stations no longer have the copyright on programs they used to air — they may be unable to release any footage.

However, certain classic and contemporary television programs are being retrieved from the archives where possible and being released on DVD — check your local or online DVD retailer

If you have a comment or complaint to make about a program that you have seen on television… do not email Television.AU!  This website has no connection or affiliation to any television station and you are best to forward your complaint in writing to the television station on which you saw the program  (contact addresses are below for the national and commercial broadcasters), the Australian Communications and Media Authority or Free TV Australia.

Email: [email protected] (or leave a comment in the space at the bottom of this page)

Yahoo: TelevisionAU

Twitter: TelevisionAU






Sydney: GPO Box 9994, SYDNEY NSW 2001
Melbourne: GPO Box 9994, MELBOURNE VIC 3001
Brisbane: GPO Box 9994. BRISBANE QLD 4001
Adelaide: GPO Box 9994, ADELAIDE SA 5001
Perth: GPO Box 9994, PERTH WA 6001
Hobart: GPO Box 9994, HOBART TAS 7001
Canberra: GPO Box 9994, CANBERRA ACT 2601
Darwin: GPO Box 9994, DARWIN NT 0801

or http://www.abc.net.au/contact/



ATN Sydney: PO Box 777, PYRMONT NSW 2009
HSV Melbourne: GPO Box 4477 MELBOURNE VIC 3001
BTQ Brisbane: Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, MT COOTTHA QLD 4066
SAS Adelaide: 40 Port Road, HINDMARSH SA 5007
TVW Perth: PO Box 77, TUART HILL WA 6939



TCN Sydney: 24 Artarmon Road, WILLOUGHBY NSW 2068
GTV Melbourne: GPO Box 9 MELBOURNE VIC 3001
QTQ Brisbane: Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, MT COOTTHA QLD 4066
NWS Adelaide: 169 Pirie Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000
STW Perth: 253 St Georges Terrace, PERTH WA 6000
NTD Darwin: Blake Street, THE GARDENS NT 0820



TEN Sydney: GPO Box 10, SYDNEY NSW 2001
ATV Melbourne: 620 Chapel Street, SOUTH YARRA VIC 3141
TVQ Brisbane: GPO Box 751, BRISBANE QLD 4001
ADS Adelaide: 80 Hutt Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000
NEW Perth: PO Box 10, MIRRABOOKA WA 6941



Locked Bag 028, CROWS NEST NSW 1585 or [email protected]



New South Wales: Locked Bag 8800, WOLLONGONG NSW 2500
Victoria: PO Box 464, BALLARAT VIC 3350
Queensland: Dean Street, NORTH ROCKHAMPTON QLD 4701
South Australia: PO Box 821, MT GAMBIER SA 5290
Western Australia: PO Box 99, TUART HILL WA 6939
Tasmania: PO Box 1209M , HOBART TAS 7001



Corporate: PO Box 878, DICKSON ACT 2602
GWN7 Western Australia: Roberts Crescent, BUNBURY WA 6230



PO Box 750, NEWCASTLE NSW 2300



Southern Cross Nine: 46 Aspinall Street, Watson ACT 2602
Southern Cross Television GTS/BKN: 76 Wandearah Road, PORT PIRIE SA 5540
Southern Cross Television Darwin: Suite 5/90 Ross Smith Ave, FANNIE BAY NT 0820
Southern Cross Television Central: Tenancy 2, Level 1 Awangu House, 44 Hath Street, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0870
Southern Cross Television Tasmania: PO Box 873, LAUNCESTON TAS 7250









PO Box 1166, CROWS NEST NSW 2060

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  1. Margaret Lewis

    I am trying to find in the archives the TV show, JUNIOR JURY shot in Adelaide at channel 9 studio in the years 1969-1972 can you help? I think it was produced by Grundy Enterprises ? Would appreciate any help with this.

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Margaret, I suggest you contact Channel 9 Adelaide at the address given above. You might also have some luck contacting the National Film and Sound Archive or FremantleMedia Australia (formerly Grundy Television Productions).

  2. Chris

    Hi i am trying to find past TV guides from 2011, i see you’ve got the ‘classic’ tv guides but not the more recent. Could you help? i would appreciate help, thanks.

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Chris, is there anything in particular you’re after from 2011?

      1. Chris

        Uh Yes, was looking for Channel 7 (Seven Network) past TV schedule for 2011, sometime between April & July. I remember watching a Movie called Thirteen, I really liked this movie and just out of curiosity wanted to look it up from when i saw it. Hope this is specific enough 🙂

        1. Andrew B

          Hi Chris

          I’ve had a browse through the TV listings I had available and can only find a screening of the movie “Thirteen” at 1.00am on the night of Sat June 11 (or early morning Sunday June 12) on Seven (Melbourne). It is marked as a repeat so I don’t know if it was shown earlier in the year but that’s the only reference to it I could find.

          1. Chris

            Yeah, that was the date that i watched it, I remembered watching it early in the morning on a weekend. Thank you, I appreciate your help 😀

  3. James Ellison

    Your Doc Martin rehash :

    I used to enjoy very much the 1hr episodes of the wonderful UK
    series Doc. Martin – until you crowd got hold of it, and I caught fleeting glimpses
    of it that managed to interrupt your sustained, moronic barrage of
    !@!*&%##!! Ads.
    Thanks for nothing ! Guess I/we will just have to watch it
    via DVD from now on….

    1. Andrew B

      Hi James, perhaps you didn’t read the notice above but I’ll repeat it here for you:

      “This website has no connection or affiliation to any television station and you are best to forward your complaint in writing to the television station on which you saw the program.”

      The Seven Network’s contact details are further up this page. Thank you.

  4. Colin Drennan

    I have a friend who is slightly retarded. He is looking for DVDs of 1974 episodes of Matlock Police in particular episodes 32 to 42. Could you please advise me how to help him obtain these . Colin Drennan

    1. Andrew B

      Crawfords Australia are releasing some titles on DVD but as far as I know Matlock Police is not one of them.

      Keep an eye on the Crawfords store website for any new releases

  5. Faye Thiele

    I saw a feature on channel 10 (Southern Cross?) last night on the local news regarding people complaining about poor digital reception. I live in Goughs Bay near Mansfield and also have had trouble with poor reception. I would like to know more about this segment and who to contact regarding this problem. Faye

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Faye. You could contact Network Ten in Melbourne or Southern Cross Ten (addresses as above) or if you are having problem with digital reception try the Digital Switchover Taskforce on telephone 1800201013 or via their website

  6. John Turnbull

    I live in Sarina and my reception is not good I was thinking of installing Impaja television and cant find out who to contact, Can you help
    John Turnbull

    1. Andrew B

      Hi John

      Contact the Digital Ready hotline on 1800 201013

  7. Paul Tamplin


    As its the 50th Birthday of NBN I hope you can assist me in finding footage of a boxing match which was televised 50 years ago from the Perth Empire game in 1962. Details of the bout are :

    Quarter final 24th November 1962
    Geoffrey Rees of Wales V Richard (Dick ) McTaggard of Scotland

    Please advise if you can assist directly or advise where I may enquire.

    Happy birthday and hope you can help.

    Paul Tamplin

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Paul

      Try the National Film and Sound Archive 1800067274 or their website http://www.nfsa.gov.au/

  8. Ian Stimson

    The on air date for GSW-9 was 1968,you asked why the GSW-10 translator came out on Ch 10 .It really only serviced the Viewers on that side of Mt Clarence as Ch9 bounced around the Rocks that form Albanys harbour.
    Sending Ghost images around the bay,Mt Clarence is a very large hunk of rock.
    The reasons for the delay in getting both stations on the Air was due to people objecting to having antennas erected as these were considered as unsightly. Mt Clarence is a Memorial Mountain,as it was where the ANZAC’s had their last sight of their home land.
    Today a beautiful memorial sculpture of a “Horse and light horseman is erected there.
    This memorial was Returned to Australia after the Suez crisis around 1960?
    VEW -8 is cunning play on words the mind conjurs up the word Veiw.

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Ian

      Many thanks for the clarification.

      I’ve updated the 1960s page with the correct on-air date for GSW9.


  9. Ray Spaeth

    Trying to find an address for Annette Allison – so I can send her a few pictures of my parents who she befriended years ago

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Ray,

      I have sent you a response via email.


  10. Sarah Routledge

    I’m trying to find out when electronic TV guides first became available on the internet in Australia. Please can you help?

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Sarah. Unfortunately I do not know the answer although some Australian sites such as Sofcom (now eBroadcast) were providing TV listings online sometime around the late 1990s. eBroadcast might be able to provide a more definitive answer from their perspective.

  11. Jules

    Hi there,

    How would I find footage of a Pot of Gold episode I performed in as a young boy, back in 1974-75.



    1. Andrew B

      Hi Jules

      Refer to the FAQ above. The footage is unlikely to be available, often due to reasons of copyright but also not a lot of that material has been archived.

  12. Gary Stevens


    I am wondering how Tweed Heads/Banora Point residents in NSW and Gold Coast residents in Queensland watched televison prior to NRN Gold Coast TV which I believed started in 1984? Was Tweed Heads people watching RTN 8 prior to this but have been 1 hour behind since its incepetion?

    Gary Stevens.

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Gary,

      I’m not overly familiar with the area during that period but I understand that prior to the installation of local UHF towers that viewers had to erect high antennas that depending on their location along the Gold Coast either pointed north towards Brisbane or south towards Lismore. Remembering that the population along the Gold Coast at that time was not as high in number or density as it has since become.

  13. Janet

    When are next series of The Sullivand and Carson’s Law due out on DVD.
    Janet O’Connor

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Janet. I suggest you keep an eye on the Crawfords website for any updates on new releases.

  14. Evelin Korner

    What happened to the early morning 8 am german news?????

  15. peter

    is there any more volumes of the sullivans due out if so when if not why

    1. Andrew B


      I am not aware of any further releases but you would be best to contact the Crawfords Store directly

  16. Andy


    Are you able to tell me what years during the 80s, the following shows (obviously re-runs) were aired:

    INCREDIBLE HULK (live-action)
    IRON MAN / INCREDIBLE HULK (10 minute segments )

    * I’ve searched through the available program guides you have on your website … thank you btw, it’s a great website.

    kind regards,

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Andy

      Unfortunately without thumbing through a mountain of magazines from that era I am unable to retrieve that level of information. Also keeping in mind that during those years each city/state ran their own schedule so what was broadcast in one part of the country may not have applied to others.

      Thank you for your kind words but I am sorry I am unable to answer your question.


  17. Nicholas

    Hi, I was checking a page of each June 1993 issue of TV Week in your site and I want to find out what’s the date of Amanda Woodward’s arrival in Melrose Place on the program guide whether could it be June 2, June 9, June 16, June 23 or June 30 so can you find it please?
    Thank you and please reply to me.

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Nicholas.

      It is not clear from the listings of those weeks if any were the first appearance of “Amanda”.

      These are the episode titles for those weeks: A Melrose Place Christmas (2 June), Single White Sister (9 June), Peanut Butter And Jealousy (16 June), Picture Imperfect (23 June), Three’s A Crowd (30 June)

  18. Michael Summers


    Great website, I am trying to find the time, AEST, that 60 minutes went to air in NSW on Sunday, August 9, 1981. An aircraft that is still missing in the Barrington Tops went missing that night and a number of residents in a town the aircraft flew over reported 60 minutes had just started. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. No answer from Channel 9 as yet.

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Michael

      I don’t have a program listing for that day but looking at the Sydney Morning Herald archive on Google the TV guide for Sydney for that date is at


      However, the town you refer to may be outside of Channel 9 Sydney’s coverage and may have been covered by a regional station whose schedule may have been different to Sydney.

    2. Neil Forbes

      The scheduled start time for 60 Minutes through Station NBN-Newcastle would’ve been about 7.30pm, same as for Station TCN-Sydney.

  19. Gai Filliponi

    In the show Carson’s Law, I am interested in knowing the whereabouts of Godfrey Carson’s mansion and any other details regarding the property please.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

  20. Lisa Macdonald

    Hi where can I get the whole series of Matlock Police .

    1. Andrew B

      I’m not aware it’s for sale, however if you keep an eye on the Crawfords Store website it may appear there in the future

  21. Neil Forbes

    I’ve been trying to find a post I made about a 45rpm EP which featured the This Day Tonight theme, made by The Aulton Mob, led by veteran Sydney-based record producer, Pat Aulton, who worked at Festival’s Ultimo(Sydney) studios. I Just can’t find which section in which it was posted.

    1. Andrew B

      I can’t locate it, are you sure it was posted on this site?

      1. Neil Forbes

        Yes, it was on this site. I thought it might’ve been under “flashbacks” or maybe “Classic TV Guides” but I’m not sure. I posted it only a few days back. Don’t worry if you can’t find it, I’ll write a fresh post, giving the details of this record and post it under 1960-1969, which will be in line with the period of the show, This Day Tonight.

  22. levi

    hi i dont know if what im asking is possible but i watched a movie on new years eve sometime between the yr 2000 an the yr 2007 i was young at the time so the details of when an what channel are sketchy an was wondering if id be able to have some backdated copies of the new years eve schedules for the years i believe i may of watched the movie in.

  23. Dianne Williams

    hi there I am looking for the complete series of the tv show A Country Practice, I am wondering if u have this, I would appreciate an email back
    thanking you
    Dianne Williams

    1. Andrew B

      Some seasons of ACP have been released on DVD. Suggest you try your local or online DVD retailer.

  24. Kane N

    Hi there I was just wondering are the any Game Show creators not producers from Australia or are they mostly imported products produced here?
    Thanks, Kane.

  25. Jan

    Love watching Shepparton weeknights news program but since we had the new digital television upgrade about 2 weeks we only get Family Feud. can we fix this?

  26. Gemma Ann

    I’m looking for a description of the puppet show ‘Nicky & Noodle’ which was part of the ‘Children’s TV Hour’ on the ABC in 1956. I understand footage is probably impossible to get, but I can’t find a description of it beyond ‘the adventures of a boy and his dog’. Have you seen anything that would help me? Thanks so much.

  27. NFSA

    Hi Gemma Ann.
    Response from TV curator Helen Tully:

    Nicky & Noodle are a creation of well known puppeter Norman Hetherington, who also brought us Mr Squiggle.
    NFSA does not preserve ABC television and radio productions and we do not have anything relating to the puppet show Nicky and Noddle in the collection. However there is mention of Nicky & Noodleon NFSA’s ASO item about Mr Squiggle & its creator Norman Hetherington:


    Creator Norman Hetherington, and Margaret Hetherington, scriptwriter for the series, describe a very different era in television when Mr Squiggle and Friends was first produced. In 1959 when the National Director of Children’s Programs for the ABC, John Appleton (ABC 1950–70), commissioned the series, Appleton asked Norman (who appeared with puppets Nicky and Noodle at the launch of ABC television broadcasting in 1956) to work up a show with a one-week lead to the first live-to-air broadcast.

    Survival rates of live television such as children’s shows in the first year of television is very low, noting that ABC Sydney ( ABN 2) first broadcast on 5 November 1956 and ABC Melbourne ( ABV2) went to air 18 November 1956.

    The ABC might have some further information and description of the show / puppets.

    Email enquiries can be submitted online at: http://www.abc.net.au/archives/contact.htm

    You can also research Sydney newspapers + TV Week through the State Library of NSW.


  28. Gemma Ann

    Thanks Helen I appreciate it

  29. jayne gerdes

    Hello hoping you can help I am trying to watch a episode of This is your life in the 70’s with Gary Wilson, greyhound trainer that swallowed a dummy , I am urgently wanted to re see this episode or buy a copy thanks

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Jayne. As explained above obtaining episodes of old programs is unlikely due to reasons of copyright and also because many old programs are no longer archived or kept in a format that is compatible with modern equipment.

      I can only suggest you contact the TV station that made the program (in this case, ATN Seven Sydney) or perhaps the National Film And Sound Archive, but even if they had such program on record they may not release any copies without copyright clearance.

  30. Mike Strauss

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I won a rock & roll competition on Bandstand in Sydney some time between August 1960 and February 1961 and would love to have a copy if you could find it.

    Kind regards,


    1. Andrew B

      Hi Mike

      Please read the blurb at the top of this page. It is unlikely that you’d be able to get that program although some Bandstand episodes have been able to be retrieved and released on DVD

  31. oriel cooper

    is it possible to get a copy of safeway new faces 10th april 1977

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Oriel,

      It is unlikely, for reasons which are explained at the top of this page.

  32. Harry

    Hi there, my partner is a huge Hattie Jacques fan, he stalked channel 9 studios back in 1980 and met her after her time on the Mike Walsh show, he hadn’t seem the interview since 1980 when the Mike Walsh show reunion aired in the 90’s which he of course taped so he could reminisce on meeting Hattie in that lovely floral dress. The tape unfortunately was destroyed when we were moving house and I’ve been trying to obtain this footage for him ever since, this Christmas is a hard one for us as lots of family and friends have passed on around this time, I long to see him smile and watch that interview again it would be the best Christmas present I could ever give him. I was wondering if you knew any avenues I can use to persue my search I’ve exhaust Internet search engines and some fan sites but haven’t had any luck. Please help me!
    Sincerely Harry!

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Harry.

      Unfortunately I can’t advise any way to get a copy of that program. As stated at the top of this page there are a number of reasons why many older programs are not available to the public.

      You could try contacting the TV station that produced the program but this would still be unlikely to be fruitful.

      Or try contacting the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra. They have a lot of old program material but without copyright clearance they may be unable to release certain programs to the public.

  33. Neil Forbes

    Looking at the list of addresses, WIN should only have the NSW address. It has absolutely NO business operating ANY station outside Southern NSW! When that almighty cock-up called market aggregation infested our regional TV markets, Station WIN-Wollongong was given the Southern portion of NSW to compete with Prime(Station CBN-Orange as the key station in the region) and Capital(Station CTC-Canberra). In Northern NSW, Station NBN-Newcastle, Station NEN-Tamworth(with its translator, Station ECN-Taree) and the paired stations NRN-Coffs Harbour and RTN-Lismore, operating as NRTV were set to share that market which extended over the border into South-East Qld., but short of the Brisbane market. Whilst NRTV and Capital were gobbled up by Southern Cross, and Prime allowed itself to be overrun by its Sydney affiliate, NBN stayed true to its coverage area and stayed within its original intended market. NBN did NOT try to gobble up any regional QTQ-affiliated stations in Queensland, but greedy WIN set about expanding well outside its coverage area and gobbled up regional stations in Victoria, South Australia, West Australia, Queensland(the ones NBN respectfully left alone) and Tasmania. I may not have proof but I can be confident that the viewers of those stations WIN took over, deeply resented WIN’s imposing itself on them.

  34. lori sturtz

    I just tried to vote for the logies and only voted for 2 categories before being disconnected. now I cannot vote. is there anything i can do?

    1. Andrew B

      This site is not connected to TV Week or the TV Week Logie Awards, but if you go to this webpage there is a telephone number for technical support

  35. Nicholas

    Can you please help me what’s the Melbourne airdates of Jimeoin series 2 or 3, Big Girl’s Blouse’s only one series and the third series of Full Frontal in 1995?

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Nicholas. Keep an eye on the 1995 series of articles or follow the tags for the respective shows:



  36. grant

    hi I live in George town tas now evey time I switch to channel 8..80..88.. I can watch it for about 15- 30 min then it starts to crack up.. all other channels on my tv are fine its only these stations doing it is there a problem with interference down our way or is it something else causing it pls let me know as its spoiling you station it never used to do it its only been the last month I recon it been happening and if I go to auto tune and let it retune that fixs it for about 30 min then it just cracks up again pls help

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Grant, this website is not connected to any of the TV networks. Please contact the TV station that you are having trouble receiving.

  37. Jen Creagh

    Hi, l have a vague recollection of a man in silhouette profile doing some kind of Agriculture or stock sales report on RTN 8 back in the late sixtie, possibly early seventies. Can anyone give some details?

  38. george

    Hi , i noticed you had the beginning of the homicide 50 year special on youtube. I was just wondering if you could upload the rest? i had it on record on my tv but lost it due to technical difficulties. that would be really good if you could, The episode was called the assassin i believe. thanks

    1. Andrew B

      Unfortunately I am not able to put the episode on YouTube as it will trigger a copyright infringement, which is why I only put the intro online.

      Crawfords Australia are progressively releasing episodes of Homicide on DVD

  39. Judy McLachlan

    Hi, Do you know if any archives exist for the show Tell the Truth? My father was a contestant and it would be great to be able to get a copy. Thanks.

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Judy, unfortunately it would be unlikely. Please refer to the top of this page for more information.

  40. Nicholas

    Hi, it’s me again. Can you please tell me where’s the October 28-November 3 1995 issue of TV Week on the blog page? Thank you.

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Nicholas. Running a bit behind schedule… Watch this space…

  41. Neil


    My wife was born in Sydney in the wee small hours of August 2nd 1962. Her mother was watching a movie during her labour pains on TV and stayed till the end of the movie because it was so good. My wifes mother died in 1969 and she always wondered what movie it was that might have been showing. She has speculated with me about how it must have been a classic film or maybe a new release although films took a long time to come on TV back then. She has wondered for years and years and google searches yield little or no information. Would love your help if you have the time please. Even if there was a few movies shown that night of August 1st!


    1. Andrew B

      Hi Neil. I don’t have the TV listing you’re looking for but the Google archive of the Sydney Morning Herald brings up this TV listing on the day of 1 August 1962: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=K31WAAAAIBAJ&sjid=u-UDAAAAIBAJ&pg=7161%2C74471

  42. Dave Waters.

    Hi chanel 10 Perth. Every afternoon approx.1600 1630 on ten only. My t.v. Starts pixelating . Never any other chanel. I have ten news on at the moment. My wife watches b&b and gets quite frustrated..
    It’s actually started doing same now, even during the hoff add. What’s the prob please.

  43. Mark

    Can anyone tell me when TV transmissions came to Regional Victoria, Ballarat in particular? I understand Ballarat opened its own station in 1962 but did residents have access to TV broadcasts prior to this, from the ABC, for example?

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Mark. Indeed television launched in Ballarat in 1962 (BTV6) and 1963 (ABC) but viewers keen to experience television before then could well have made use of high-mast antennas to try and get distant TV signals from Melbourne.

      1. Mark

        Cheers, Andrew. I only ask because I was watching The Dr Blake Mysteries last night and it was1960 in Ballarat and a scene showed a couple of characters watching the news on TV. This aroused my curiosity and it was accentuated when in a later scene a couple of other characters made mention the FC ( I think that was the model shown!) Holden was only good for 10 mpg when in actual fact the car would have gotten closer to 20mpg around town and 27 or so on the highway
        By now you may have guessed I like historical TV shows to accurately portray the period they represent….

  44. Megan McIvor

    Hello We wanted Channel 7 to cover our Adopt A Cop I am looking for a tutor to help me with a supplementary science assignment for yr 6 due in 2 weeks , How do I find a tutor to help me ? at 9 am at Concordia Kindergarten 69 Warwick St Harristown corner of Warwick and Yaldwin St,

    1. Andrew B

      Hi Megan. This site is not connected or affiliated to any network. If you wish to contact Channel 7 the contact details are above.

      I’m also not sure how this site can help with finding a tutor for a science assignment… Try Google.

  45. Beverley Greene

    Over the last couple of weeks I have lost signal to my TV on all channels between about 12.30am to 5.00am Monday to Friday. What is causing this. I have checked the aerial and everything is fine. I get reception fine from 5.00am to about 12.30 am. And being as I have trouble sleeping I’m often watching TV and reading in the early hours of the morning.
    Kind regards

  46. Tracey

    The same thing is happening to me on all three televisions. One has external aerial and other two internal.
    The problem started a few weeks ago. No signal on any station from around 12;30am to around 4:30am Monday to Friday. I live in East Bunbury WA and my equipment is fine.
    I too watch TV during the night.
    Do you have a possible explanation for this happening? Who should I contact to rectify my problem?

    1. Andrew B

      Contact your local station(s) they may have an explanation

      1. Tracey

        Thank you Andrew. Why didn’t I think of that. The explanation is a very simple one. The local transmitter is being worked on and to do this they must turn the power off to the transmitter, hence no transmission. Work is expected to be completed in May. I hope this explanation helps others experiencing the same issue.
        I spent some time looking through your very interesting site last night instead of watching telly.
        Thanks again, Tracey

        1. Andrew B

          Thanks for the reply Tracey glad I was able to keep you busy while the TV wasn’t working 🙂

  47. Leigh

    Bring back Heartbeat please

  48. Leigh

    Please bring back Heartbeat

  49. Leigh

    We want Heartbeat back on TV now

  50. margaret fisher

    thanks to the today/tonight team for their sympathetic covering of our commercial neighbour story

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